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Yahoo email account is very simple to use on various mobile and its official website. Its official website can be accessed using any different kind of the internet browser such Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other kind of internet browsers. If you are the user of iPhone device and want to access your Yahoo email account app on your device, you should understand the basic email settings that you can change to make your device compatible with your Yahoo account. If you have done everything in an appropriate way but facing trouble and your Yahoo mail not working on iPhone, it is a time when you should at least first check out the cause of issue.

Cause of the error:

It is seemed that you have not properly configured your Yahoo email account and also you did not change some of the important email settings that you need to check. If the same happening and you want this bug fixed at the right time, you need to check out the settings and also make sure your internet browser is working fine. It is important to update your Yahoo app soon and do some other changes with your Yahoo email account to use on your iPhone device.

Get solution:

If you get to know the cause of the error and really want to fix this Yahoo mail not working on iPhone device, you should read the important steps and become deft to under control this error instantly.

Following are the ways to fix when your Yahoo not working find on an iPhone device:

·       At first, turn on your iPhone device and go to the settings to select the Yahoo email account app.

·       Make sure it is already logged-in or not and then select the email settings if it is not working fine.

·       It is important to check if your Yahoo works outside of the app and then update your operating system first that might cause the error.

·       You need to then remove and then re-install your Yahoo on an iPhone and then add your Yahoo on IOS with the latest version of the Yahoo app.

·       Now you can use your Yahoo email account on your iPhone device with ease finally.

If you required further tutorial to fix when Yahoo mail not working on iPhone, do contact with support team at any time.



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