Yahoo Not Working on Mac

There are times when you may find it difficult to use Yahoo on Mac. It could be any reason to face such an issue. Sometimes, it happens due to Yahoo services are down and you can use it on any of the devices. On the other hand, some technical issues can also be responsible for this. So, if you are seeing Yahoo not working on Mac issue and wondering how to fix it, you can connect with customer service. Or else, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • To begin with, you should check the internet service through which your device is connected. You can try to change the wifi network if you don't see the optimum internet signal.

  • Also, you can check the browser extensions on your browser and try disabling them all. After that, open your Yahoo account on your browser.

  • In addition, when your Mac has an update and you're using the older version of the operating system, you may experience such problems while using Yahoo. In that case, you should install the latest update on your Mac to get rid of the Yahoo issue like Yahoo not working on Mac.

Once you perform the above steps, you will no longer see Yahoo not working on Mac issue. In case, the issue persists, you can contact the technical support team over a phone call.


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