How do I Fix my Computer when The Screen is Black

Learn How to fix the black screen issue of the computer?

To fix the black screen issue of your computer, you need to make sure that it is charged and switching on while in use. If your laptop shows some signs that it is either loaded or enabled, then plug-in and see if this fits in an external monitor. If not, and the display does not illuminate, it indicates hardware or firmware fault of the motherboard. If the monitor is not active and is showing a black screen, your display must be replaced.

Black screen fixing parameters

If you are worried about how do I fix my computer when the screen is black? Then you can take help from certified repair shops to repair or restore broken motherboards or screens. However, if you can try them yourself, you can find online guides for your laptops. The specific set of producers takes this into account as a break-in pledge. Here are the criteria for the black screen fixing to address device problems:

·         All connectors, especially the connectors must be regulated securely. Ensure the display port on the computer is in the right port. Further, some displays support Display Port MST must be connected with the PC properly. You can plug it in to the system if your PC has a graphic card issue instead of a motherboard.

·         Turn on the display and turn off the CPU, to see the backlight if it's a standard LCD/LED display. Switch off the power cord and replace it with a proven strong cable.

·         Most displays support an on-screen display of their menu buttons while you're unsure if the backlights are illuminated. Click one and check that the menu or notification is shown on the screen.

·         If you have a dead computer or you don't get something on the black screen means that it is damaged internally and you must replace everything.

·         When the new cable works, shift the cable back to resolve the issue of PC and ideally it can work again.

·         If the cables work then try another monitor on the PC and check that whether it works.

If you aren't using the embedded graphics and still don’t know how do I fix my computer when the screen is black? Then take out your GPU and review it with built-in graphics because it may not be working on your GPU. It's your GPU when it runs and it's your MOBO if it doesn't work.

Graphics Card Issue

If the black screen still does not work, this is due to the graphics card problem. If you have an embedded port in your motherboard, try this as the last resort to solve black screen problem. If the monitor port for the motherboard also does not function it may mean the inability of your motherboard. Before you start to conclude, the graphic card should be extracted, reset the BIOS, the motherboard power reset, the jumper should be used and the motherboard monitor port should be reinserted. The problems of how do I fix my computer when the screen is black? Can be on the motherboard, which can be corrected by:

·         If a port on the motherboard is operating or has no port on the monitor, then the graphics card problems arise showing the black screen. You need to attempt to delete the graphics card from the slot and reinstall the graphics card.

·         Make sure that the power supply is fitted with any extra power sockets are connected at the end. The graphics cards should be cooled by a fan and check how the machine begins spinning.

·         You should attempt to swap slots if your motherboard has a smaller slot that is the same size as your card. This could be evidence of a fault with the motherboard. Further, the graphics card should be at the top of these long slots unless the motherboard specifies a specific graphics slot.

If you are using embedded graphics and there is a different issue like HDMI or in your MOBO then the computer black screen problem can be rectified. You can leave the CPU on and search if the power is disconnected from the MOBO and you can take out the RAM. If you do, slowly reconnect everything from RAM until your problem of black screen is resolved.


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