How do I fix my Yahoo Mail app issue?- Excat Reasons & Solutions

If you have been using the Yahoo Mail app for a while and have been satisfied with its services. But now, as it has been a while, you are having some issues with it and looking for ways to resolve them. Yahoo has a great and big range of customers who enjoy its facilities. Yahoo was one of the earliest email services which has had a great impact on users, and it eventually positively affected them. However, here will get through all the information which will enlighten you about the issues you might have and how you can resolve them in detail.

What are the issues you might get with the Yahoo mail app?

Whenever you are using the Yahoo application on your phone, there could be many issues and problems that you can face. To fix Yahoo Mail app issue, the first thing that is mandatory is to recognize your problem, as only then will you be able to find solutions for the same. All such issues are listed below:

  • Account Blocked: Yahoo might have blocked your account, and the reason could be anything. Either you have not used your account for a while or mistakenly disabled it.

  • Yahoo Browser Issues: If your Yahoo is making troubles on the browser as well, then you might have to go to Settings and make some changes.

  • Emails are not being sent or received: They could be the high cache files that are disturbing your phone and, eventually, the app.

  • Log In Log Out: You might also get problems logging in or out, and the reason could be anything from the password to not knowing the procedure.

  • Storage: If your storage is full, then it affects the functioning of your phone and the apps available in it.

  • Sending Emails: The heavy cache files can affect your application and make it slow.

  • Recover Account: If you want to recover your Yahoo Account as you have not used it for a while and forget all the information.

  • Outdated Application: If the Yahoo application is outdated and has not been updated, then it might not work properly.

  • Outdated Device: If you have not updated your phone for a while, then it might get slow, and your applications will not work well.

What are the solutions for the issues on the Yahoo mail app?

If there are various issues that you face with Yahoo, then there are various solutions as well. You can use all of them one by one. You can also pick the option according to your problem so that it becomes easy for you to use the Yahoo mail service. All the solutions are mentioned below:

  • Switch off and on the device: the very first thing you should do is to restart your device as the phone fixes some issues itself once restarted, so there are higher chances. 

  • Update the app: You can also update the app because the Yahoo application might have received some updates, and because you have not upgraded your application, then it is not able to work properly.

  • Sign out of and back into the app: Signing yourself out of the account and then signing back in might help because it will fix the things itself without any interruptions.

  • Uninstall and reinstall the app: If the issues are still not fixed, then you can uninstall the application and install it again. The version you will download will be the new and upgraded one.

If, after all these solutions, you are not able to fix your problems concerning the Yahoo mail app, then you can contact customer support. You just have to dial 800-305-7664, the customer support phone number of Yahoo, and share your issues with them so that they can listen to your queries and problems carefully and resolve them accordingly to save you from the inconvenience.


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