• How do I get my Instagram account back?
    Saturday, 20 May

    How do I get my Instagram account back?

    If there is any other social media handle that has become famous even more than Facebook, then it is Instagram. It has provided platforms to not selected people, but to everyone, and slowly and steadily, it has improved its services and ensured that users have the best experience. If you have deleted or lost your Instagram account, then you must be looking. How do I get my Instagram account back? And for that, there are many ways that you can follow, and further we will discuss them in detail and enlighten you all about the same.

    As per Instagram policy, there is no such way to get back account. Once your account has been deleted accidentally or intentionally then user has option to create new account with same name and email address.

    How to restore the deleted Instagram account?

    If you have completed the procedure of deleting your Instagram account but later want it back, then you just need to follow-up the below-mentioned steps within 30 days of deleting the account. Otherwise, it will be deleted permanently:

    • Open Instagram on your phone or laptop.
    • Add your login credentials, and you can change the password if you have forgotten it through the registered phone number or email address.
    • After adding the credentials, you need to click on “login,” and you can get your Instagram account back.

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    Q- How to log in again to my Instagram account?

    If you have not used your Instagram account for a while and now when you want to access it, you realize you do not remember the password anymore. In such a situation, you can simply change the password by following the method given below and start using it again:

    • Visit the official webpage of Instagram.

    • Click on the “Forgotten Password” given just below the login credentials boxes.

    • Select email address options so that you can get an OTP on it.

    • As you receive the OTP, you need to enter it in the box.

    • Instagram will request you to create a new password and then type it.

    • Confirm the password and save it so that you do not forget it later.

    • The account will be open, and you can access it without any issues.

    Q- How to change the password without an Email?

    One simple rule is that if you have forgotten your Instagram account password, you can easily change it through an email address. But what if your email is not activated or you have not used it for so long? In such situations, ensure to link your phone number with the account so you can get Instagram account back by following the below-mentioned process:

    • First, you need to get to Instagram and add your username and password that you remember blurry.

    • As it shows the wrong password, click on “Forgotten Password.”

    • Then you must pick “phone number” from the given options.

    • Instagram will send you an OTP at your registered phone number.

    • Enter the OTP within 1 minute, or you need to request another OTP.

    • Add the received OTP and change the password.

    Q- Can I get my Instagram account back after deleting it?

    Instagram gives you a window of 30 days where the account will be on standby. If you log in back to your account during these 30 days, then your account will be restored, but after this period, the account will be shut down permanently and will not be in existence. Therefore, it will become almost impossible to get it back.






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