How do I get my Instagram account back?

If there is any other social media handle that has become famous even more than Facebook, then it is Instagram. It has provided platforms to not selected people, but to everyone, and slowly and steadily, it has improved its services and ensured that users have the best experience. If you have deleted or lost your Instagram account, then you must be looking. How do I get my Instagram account back? And for that, there are many ways that you can follow, and further we will discuss them in detail and enlighten you all about the same.

As per Instagram policy, there is no such way to get back account. Once your account has been deleted accidentally or intentionally then user has option to create new account with same name and email address.

Reasons why your Instagram account is disabled

Due to numerous reasons, your account can be discontinued without any warning. You will get to know because of a pop-up message when you log in next time. There are no specific guidelines or terms of use, but the reason can be:

  • Illegal Activities

  • Hate Speech

  • Nudity

  • Graphic violence

  • Use of third-party apps

If your account is disabled multiple times, it can be permanently removed. How do I get my IG account back?

Steps to get back a disabled Instagram account

Instagram provides the prompt "Learn More," helpful to understand and guide why the account is discontinued and the process to get it back. Check the steps shared below:

  • When you find the disabled account message, 

  • Click on the prompt Learn More. 

  • For an appeal, visit the link,

  • Fill out the details. 

  • Click on the send button.

To recover, you have to pass the appeal process. You need to be persistent, and the process may take longer.

How to reactivate an Instagram account?

Users who want to take a break on their Instagram platform can temporarily deactivate their accounts. The service is accessible through the browser (mobile or computer), and the app can't be used to deactivate the account. Your account will be removed and appear as deleted.

To reactivate the account, follow the simple guide:

  • Open the Instagram login page via browser or app.

  • Enter the Username and Password.

  • If deactivated for longer, you might need to agree to new terms and conditions.

  • And your account is reactivated, and you start from where you left it.

How to recover a hacked Instagram account

Suppose you suspect Instagram is hacked, take the steps sooner. Else more damage can be done to your online reputation by hackers.

To regain access:

  • Check the email account to see if any mail regarding your account has been changed. 

  • The request login link can be sent to the phone number instead of the hacker's email address and change the Password.

Here is the guide discussed below:

  • Select "get help signing in" for Android users and Forget Password ( iOS users) on the login page.

  • Share the username, email address, and phone number if asked.

  • Click on the Next.

  • Follow the on-screen order after tapping the "Need more help?" option.

Turn on two-factor authentication and tweak your privacy settings to avoid getting hacked. In case of any concerns, you can report to the concerned authority.

How long can Instagram disable my account?

When Instagram discontinues, an account can take around a month to get it back. For queries, you can contact customer support.



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