How do I get to Marketplace 2022 on Facebook?

After reaching everyone's hands, Facebook became so user-friendly, but users wanted something more that could connect their work and Facebook with each other. In 2016, Facebook introduced an e-commerce service, Marketplace, to help users for running their online businesses from Facebook. If you were unaware of this online trading feature, go through the following brief information.

What is Marketplace Account

If you are using a Facebook account already, you do not need to make an alternate account for Marketplace. Your running account will be connected to this e-trading option. But if you are not on Facebook, you can open an account from the "Create New Account" tab on the Facebook login page. Fill in the required details like full name, date of birth, education, hobbies, interests, and new username, and set a password for protection. Place a profile picture to be seen by the other account holders, who can add you as a friend on Facebook.

What is Marketplace Trading Areas

You can enjoy the Marketplace service for your business, and the trading areas are also mentioned to make you clear about the opportunities. Some options are:-

  • Electronic items.

  • Rental properties.

  • Clothes and footwear.

  • Men and women apparels.

  • Musical instruments.

  • Home utility items.

  • All toys and children's utilities.

  • Wooden items, furniture, or decorations.

  • Office or study materials.

Start your Marketplace on Facebook

  • To start marketpalce on facebook account when you open your Facebook account, the home page opens with options for notifications, friend requests, new uploads, profiles, and settings.
  • Click on the three bar's circle from the top right corner.
  • Go through all the services related to your account, and select the "Marketplace" option.
  • You can search for the items to put in the Marketplace, tap on the "Add new list" icon
  • Select the things you want to trade in your online business.

After creating a list:

  1. Type the name of the products and mention other necessary details like cost, fabric, metal, dimensions, warranty, category, condition, etc., so customers can get complete information about your product.

  2. Add a brief description of the product at the end.

  3. Put the related tags for the customers looking for the product.

  4. Select the next necessary options with the correct information as required.

  5. Submit it on the Marketplace. 

Now your product is ready to run in the market, and you can even share it with your friends individually by uploading it to your account. Check the customers' reach and demand, and add more items accordingly.


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