How do I get YouTube Studio on my desktop?

The way to get YouTube Studio on your desktop

Youtube studio, previously known as creator studio, is a managing place for youtube creators. It allows the content creators to upload and edit their videos, manage their channel, grow their channel & interact with their audience. 

  • Youtube studio is a powerful analytical tool that helps in increasing the growth of the channel unbelievably.
  • You can anytime access the studio of your channel to analyze the progress of the channel.
  • When you visit a youtube page, you are provided to access it as a viewer or channel creator.

Youtube studio is free of cost for its users and can be visited by any device like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Youtube studio provides many advantages to its subscribers, some of which are mentioned below.

Some of the features of Youtube studio are:

1)You can check the number of views, likes, and comments on your posted videos.

2)You update the cover photo of the video anytime using the edit option on youtube studio.

3)You can use the insights to grow your channel and can even monetize your channel.

4)You can create a different playlist of your videos on your channel.

5)You can customize your channel according to your preference using different themes and templates.

6)You can also add subtitles describing the content of the video and reach a larger section of the audience.

If you have a question, How do I get YouTube Studio on my desktop? Then you must follow the specified steps in the forthcoming section in sequence:

Steps to get YouTube Studio on my desktop

1)Initiate the procedure by visiting the official youtube site either through your browser or by using the youtube app on your device.

2)Login with your id and password to access your channel. If you want to use the beta version of youtube studio, then you must use any of the following browser options Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, as currently, the beta version is available on only these browsers.

3)Click on your display picture on the right-hand side and select the option of creator studio from the drop-down menu.

4)On the dashboard, click on youtube studio beta that is displayed in blue color on the left-hand side of the display.

5)You can also set the “Youtube studio” as your default creator option. To do this, you need to navigate to the settings option from the left side panel in the menu list and select the beta version of youtube studio from the selection box. Proceed to Click on the save button to finalize your changes.

6)You can also use the direct link to access the YouTube studio fast, and you can even save it as a bookmark for future use.

7)Now, once you save the exact link of the page, you can directly access it anytime through your device.

Always note that the youtube studio feature is only available for the users holding an existing youtube channel. If you use youtube just to view videos and scroll down, then this facility is not available for you as it is of no use.


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