How do I if Fix Some Keyboard Keys that are not Working?

Keyboards play a major role on your laptop or computer whether you want to send any message, quickly transfer files, play games, or perform other functions. When your keyboard keys are not working on your laptop, there can be multiple reasons behind it, as there might be a problem with the keyboard device and sometimes a problem with the software. So, you need to examine properly to find the solution to your problem.

Read the information below to learn about the various ways to fix your keyboard key:

Re plug-in or reconnect the Keyboard

The first and simplest solution is to re-plug or reconnect the Keyboard to your device if not working. Remove the keyboard cable from your laptop, then plug it in again properly, and the Keyboard might start working. If you use a Bluetooth keyboard, try disconnecting from your Keyboard and connecting again.

Restart your device

There might be a problem with the software, or you must have pressed some wrong keys to turn off the Keyboard. Go to your laptop's "Device Manager" section and uninstall the device. After that, restart your laptop, as it automatically installs all the required drivers and reset all the settings to default.

Clean your key

When there is a problem only with a few keys, then the problem is because you are unable to press the key properly, as there can be a pile of dust or a small rock under your key that might prevent you from pressing the key. In that case, you can get a compressed air can with a very thin nozzle and blow some air into the problematic key, as it will remove all the trash particles, and the key might start working again.

Try on-screen Keyboard

If the problem persists and you cannot use the Keyboard, try the on-screen Keyboard for your work. It is available in your Windows settings "Ease of Access" section. Once you click on the "On-screen keyboard" option, a keyboard will appear on the screen that you can easily use by tapping on the key, which will type that letter.

Visit the center.

There are some issues that you might not be able to fix yourself, like the Keyboard being broken or any problem with a pin connecting multiple keys, then you have to take it to the nearest repair center. They might not charge you any amount if the Keyboard or your laptop is still under warranty. You can also communicate with customer support and schedule a home appointment or talk to a live executive about your problem.

What do I do if my keyboard key gets stuck?

While typing on your Keyboard, if any key gets stuck or sticky, then no worries, as it is a normal issue and happens with many people. You can follow the mentioned instructions to fix the problem:

Step 1: Put the Keyboard upside-down and shake it slowly to remove any small object or dust.

Step 2:  Use the compressed air can to get rid of trash materials, then put it on the edge of the keys and slowly move it around them.

Step 3: Take a clean, dry cloth to remove the remaining trash particles and check if the key is working again.

How to fix a detached keyboard key?

If any of the keys gets detached from the Keyboard, then there is a very simple process through which you can easily attach it again. To know about the process, follow the below instructions:

Step 1: Flip the key to the backside and carefully remove the plastic retainer under it. The piece is light-colored and square-shaped and can easily be removed from the key.

Step 2: Put the piece into the key's place in the Keyboard and slide it into the metal points to hold it on the location.

Step 3: Insert the key above the retainer and apply accurate pressure until the key gets placed into its location.

How to safely remove a keyboard key from a laptop?

You will once face a problem in which the key will get stuck, or it might not press, then the only way is to remove and troubleshoot the problem. Below are the steps through which you can easily remove it:

Step 1: Put your thumb below the key you want to remove.

Step 2: Use the index finger and apply a little pressure to peel off the key.

Step 3: Once the key is removed, you will notice a retainer below the key; leave it in its place as you need it to reattach the key.


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