How do I install Google Classroom on my PC?

A detailed guide on how to download google classroom on PC

In the present scenario, when each of us, including students, is suffering the loss of pandemic,Google classroom is serving the purpose of education through online mode. If you are a student or have a child studying, then google classroom is the best option, so don't get confused with how do I install Google Classroom on my PC as the process is pretty hassle-free. But before you learn about the installation procedure, let's head towards a few features of the widely popular software google classroom on your PCs. the mobile application could not be sufficient because of inadequate screen size, and other features are as follows.

Features of google classroom on PC

  • Rather than using google classroom on the phone, Users can experience the larger screen feature that helps take control easily. 

  • Google Classroom is free for all the students, teachers, institutes, and non-profit organizations to conduct the informative session hassle-free. 

  • Google classroom is very convenient and easy to set up; teachers can create a room and share the code with students who can join in no time. 

  • Users can save a lot of time using google classroom on PCs because of its smooth process, and students can also submit their assignments, share folders attachments, raise a query, etc. 

  • Google classroom is designed in a way that is manageable and organized for students to track the assignments in one place. 

  • It contributes to a healthy future by going paperless, as students and teachers can communicate and assign the work on this platform and avoid using papers for assignments. 

  • Google classroom is cheaper and secure enough to protect your data and privacy. This software does not contain any ads; hence it's free to use. 

  • You can access your information on google classroom on as many devices as possible by logging in with the same account on your desktop, mobile phone, tablet, PCs, etc. 

Those were some of the features that google classroom provides to users across the globe. Now below down are the step-by-step procedure that can help you install the software on the desktop.

How to Configure Google Classroom on PC?

Google Classroom can be used as an extension on your web browser, but it is always best to have the software installed so that you can easily get through your information in one place. Here is how you can install the google classroom on your PC:

  1. First of all, launch the preferred web engine on your PC.

  2. On your web browser, go to the web store, and in the search field, you need to type 'google classroom' then hit the enter key. 

  3. The software will appear in the search result to open it.

  4. Navigate the install button and click on it. 

  5. Now, please wait for some time as the download gets complete, and then open the software by clicking the button and installing it.

  6. Open the google classroom and choose the option of running with the administrator to complete the installation process. 

  7. Finally, log in to your account using the login credentials or sign up if you are a new user.

  8. Accept all the permission on the application and start using your app to attend virtual classes. 

Hence, this was all the information regarding the installation process of google classroom, and you can also get help with how do I install Google Classroom on my PC in an effortless way. If you have any issues, you can contact the google support team and seek further assistance. 



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