How do I link Instagram account to Facebook on my phone

In today’s world, it is hard to find a person who does not have a social media account. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular ones among them. People often use them for socializing, communicating, calls, etc., but you may be confused sometimes to see that people often post photos on Instagram and Facebook at the same time. It is nothing but a cross-link between these two account. If you want to link Instagram to Facebook on phone you need to know about the process to interlink them. Facebook and Instagram are both owned by Meta, Inc.

What is the benefit of linking these two Instagram to Facebook?

There are multiple benefits of linking these two accounts. Few among them are:

  • If you post something on Instagram, it will be automatically uploaded to Facebook. So, people who are not following you on Instagram but are friends on Facebook might see your post and follow you.

  • You can log in to Instagram anytime with your Facebook account. Sometimes we may forget our password or your Instagram ID’s user name. But if your Instagram is linked to your Facebook account, You can log in anytime using your Facebook id; you do not have to worry.

  • It would be easier for people to find you on Instagram when your account is linked with Facebook.

  • People whose Instagram is linked with Facebook generally tend to have more followers on Instagram than others.

What is the process of linking these two Social Media Platforms?

You can choose any of the social media apps, either Facebook or Instagram, to link to one another simultaneously. Both the processes are described below:

Steps to link Facebook to Instagram: 

  • Download or update the Facebook app.

  • Log in to your account and enter the homepage.

  • Click on the more options and scroll down.

  • Find the ‘Settings’ option and click on that.

  • Go to the accounts section in the settings.

  • Then click on ‘add accounts.’

  • Then add the Instagram id and password to make a bridge among them.

Steps to link Instagram to Facebook: 

  • Download or update the Instagram app.

  • Now login to Instagram with your user id and password.

  • The ‘feed’ will be open.

  • Now go to the ‘Profile’ option.

  • Then enter the ‘edit profile’ menu and click on add accounts.

  • Link Facebook by logging into the Facebook account with the correct phone number and password.

  • Then log out from Instagram and log in again using Facebook to verify whether either linking is done or not.

So as you know from the above article, these are the process to link Instagram to Facebook on phone. If you think that there are some security issues with connecting the accounts, then you do not have to fear, it is safe, and Meta, Inc owns both these social media. At the same time, you get more benefits from linking the accounts, like more followers, more post views, and more ways to log in, so you should try it. If you still can not use or link those accounts, go to the help center of Facebook and Instagram for troubleshooting. 


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