How do I make a video call on Google Hangouts

How do I make a video call on Google Hangouts- get Tips and Tricks

Google always surprises its users with new developments, services and products. One such service, which was recently introduced by Google is a video call on Google Hangouts. You can connect multiple Hangouts users at a time for a video call. Google allows a maximum of 25 users on a video call of Hangouts.

Users can use this service for connecting with your family, friends or colleagues through video calls. Before starting with the feature of a video call on Google Hangouts or How do I make a video call on Google Hangouts, you need to fulfil some requirements, as mentioned below:

  • Initially, you need to check for the basic system requirements for using Hangouts.

  • Connect your camera, microphone and speakers to your system. You need to ensure that you have the latest software of all of these.

  • When Google asks to use the camera and microphone of your computer, click the Allow option.

  • In case you are using Internet Explorer for Google Hangouts video call, you need to download and install the plugin, for the same.

  • You must check for the permissions option also.

Start a video call

If you want to know how do I make a video call on Google Hangouts, just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • You can either open the Hangouts in your browser or use the sidebar in your Gmail account.

  • Then, choose a person from your Hangout list or you can search them from their email address or name. 

  • Once you find their name, click it.

  • For a group video call, you can select multiple people also, as per your requirement.

  • After that, click the video call option and your video call will start.

  • When you are done with the call, you can click the End Call button and you can exit the video call.

Other than this, users can use other settings for the video calls:

  • Add the people in the video call using the name or email address.

  • Users can also add people by sharing the video call link.

  • If required, user can change the video call options also.

  • Along with face-to-face calling, they can send and receive the messages.

For further queries about How do I make a video call on Google Hangouts, people can contact Google support team. The technical experts of Google are available 24x7 for assistance and to reach them, they can use the contact details on Google help page.


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