How do I make my whole Facebook Account as Private?

The most-used social media channel, Facebook, has gained a huge user base. A lot of people from different sections of the world are active on this platform. Some indulge in e-commerce, while some are influencers and get monetary benefits. However, there is also a section of people who make their profiles private. Facebook developers have ensured that all the safety and privacy measures are inputted so their profiles are safe.

Unlock a mode to make your FB account private

If you want to avoid any mishap to your account or you personally don't want your pictures, videos, and other stuff to be visible to the world except your friends, you can make your account private. For the same, you need to follow some steps that are described below;

  • Go to the Facebook homepage to begin the process. 

  • On that tab, you need to log in to your account. 

  • Visit the Settings, and then the “Privacy.” 

  • Find the option “Who can see your profile” click it. 

  • Turn it to “Private” if it is “Public” to end the process.  

Can you make your Facebook friends list private?

Usually, by default, Facebook displays the Friend list to the public. It gives you a window to modify your list by viewing and setting up privacy. You can do so through your account and then go to the “settings and privacy” option, where you will have an option to edit “who can see your friend list” and change it accordingly. 

Understand the pros of keeping Facebook accounts private. 

In the world of technology, AI or Artificial Intelligence is playing an impotant role in the development of technology. This, in some places, has proven to be dangerous. Hence, to prevent any hazard, you can keep your account private. However, there are some more pros of keeping your Facebook account private:

  • Avoid the risk of theft— You can simply limit the number of viewers or public viewers to your posts or stories by simply putting your Facebook account private. 

  • Control— You can make your account private, and this empowers you to prevent any stranger from viewing your profile.

  • Share your stories— You will be able to share all your stories freely when you are aware that your account is private.

  • Avoid external interference— Instances have occurred when people create fake accounts of other names using the same pictures, videos, etc. Hence, if you keep your account safe and private, you may not fall into this condition. 

Can you limit the number of story viewers?

Now, Facebook has also introduced a concept of limiting the number of users viewing your stories. You can do so simply by setting up the “Close Friends” list. You can use this list specifically to display some specific posts or stories. 

The following discussion will guide you to make facebook private and safe from all the public or unknown profiles. Additionally, you can access Facebook services for example, chat, live, etc., freely. 


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