How do I publish my Wikipedia Page Online?

Many users have the question: how do I publish my Wikipedia page? Anyone can create a Wikipedia page, but it's essential to know the writing guidelines and suitable topics. You can suggest or contribute pages, articles, and knowledge about anything: about some famous personality, brands, games, movies, places, professionals, etc

You can publish your Wikipedia page with the help of the simple written steps mentioned below. The method is easy and will take you to the account panel, where you can publish your page easily.

Publish Page on Wikipedia:

  • First, create your account and practice editing.

  • Then you can try to make 10 edits prior to you getting started on your assignment.

  • You can retrieve information on account creation that can be found on the ENL 3895 of this guide. 

  • Before publishing your Wikipedia page, you need to make sure that the article does not exist. In case it exists, then you can edit the existing article. 

  • You can use the article wizard to start making a new article on Wikipedia. You can create a draft space for your article.

  • You need to keep in mind that a new article must be bookmarked and shared with the group.

  • Only one person in the group can create the draft, but multiple people are allowed to edit the same draft.

  • Write another article's name and check for the links on the Helpful links in the helpful resources box so that you can get some guidance on your latest article.

  • At last, click on the publish page button. When you complete the article, then, the page will either publish or it will be sent for review by other Wikipedia editors.

Please be sure that you have a copy of the article somewhere in the document for the sake of an extra copy. You can download the Wikipedia as a PDF link which is a great thing to do.

Wikipedia's Helpful Resources

You can take some of the helpful resources mentioned below that can enhance your skill to write a great article as well as the proper way of publishing the article.

Manual of Style

The Most refer to the Wikipedia way of writing or Wikipedia's house style. It helps you to write articles with consistent, precise language , attractive layout, and format. It also helps you in making your article on Wikipedia look easier and more understandable for the users. Plain English works every time. You can avoid stitching ambiguity, jargon, and vague or unnecessarily complex terms. 

Your first article

This will help in grooming you as a Wikipedian and a new editor. You need to check the Wikipedia nobility requirements. If you are writing your first article, your published idea should have some basic points.

  • Reliable 

  • Secondary 

  • All other information should be from independent sources.

The points will help you showcase your topic in substantive detail that should meet the requirement of books, newspapers, magazines, and peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Your article must be verified and classified as an original topic, not as a third-party copied resource. So for that verification article wizard has been created, which reviews the publication on every parameter. 

Article development

After writing your article on Wikipedia, it's time to develop the style into something useful and informative. Article development starts with different stages; going through these stages, your article will eventually change into something wonderful.

So here are the different stages mentioned below.

Uncreated article

The article starts with an idea and then starts with the words. But for the idea, you need to check Wikipedia to see whether the article exists. If it exists, then you can use the redirect method. If you look at a red link in the article, it indicates that you have created a report.


If you have no idea how to start with an article, then there are very short stubs. Once you start with the short article, it will develop a sense of confidence in you as well as innovative ideas will strike your mind and a habit of writing down your ideas.

Developing articles

Once your written stubs have real content, it will be considered a real article, and you have the permission to modify the article in case later you have found something innovative to add to your article.

Featured article

If you complete your article and everything has been verified, it gets featured on various platforms and is considered the best article. Wikipedia receives the featured article candidates based on prose, accuracy , neutrality, and completeness.

Good articles examples

At last, an article will be good if it sets an example with its ideas that have been explained in a simple term, language, and way of using literature. A good article will serve an idea in front of you that can change society and the way of thinking.

For more ideas regarding article content, you can connect with Wikipedia customer service anytime.


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