How do i contact Someone at Hotmail about my Account?-Ways to get help

How can i speak to someone about my Hotmail Account

Hotmail is one of the oldest free webmail service providers by Microsoft. Later, in 2013 Microsoft changed its website from to To deal with Hotmail-related issues, you can reach a human at Hotmail anytime. So if query how do I reach a human at Hotmail? Crosses your mind, you can read the complete information below.

Several ways to reach a Hotmail Representative

Customer care number: Hotmail provides different customer service phone numbers to its users. You can use the Hotmail phone number of your region to speak with the live person of Hotmail. You can also schedule an appointment to connect with a Hotmail representative.

By Email: You can use the official mail id of Hotmail to share any experience or feedback. Because the email service is quite time-consuming, it's best to explain all the points in your mail. This way, you will get a reply instantly.

By Social Media: The social media links of Hotmail are available on the official website. You can follow the link to get updated information.

By Chat: You can use the chat option to raise any question or query. The chat link is available on the official website.

Faqs: For any common question or frequently asked question, visit the FAQ section of Hotmail. You will get most of the answers. If you don't get the appropriate answer, you can also post your query and wait for others to reply.

How to speak to a Hotmail live person?

When you want to speak to a Hotmail live person or how do I reach Hotmail, you can go through the steps below. Also, as Microsoft operates Hotmail, you can connect with Microsoft live person.

Dial the Hotmail customer care number available online and follow the phone menu below

  1. Press 1 if you are planning to buy or purchase any product from the Microsoft store.
  2. Press 2 for order, billing, shipping, or refund related issue
  3. Press 3 for any technical support
  4. Now press button 3, and you will get the following menus
  5. Press one or say Xbox to ask any question about Xbox
  6. Press two or say Surface to ask any question about a Surface product
  7. Press three or say office to ask anything about office
  8. Press four or say the window to ask anything about Windows
  9. Press five or say cell phones, to ask something about cell phones
  10. Press six or say other to ask any question about other products
  11. Now press button 6, you will get the following sub-menus
  12. Press one or Say internet explorer to ask anything about internet explorer
  13. Press two or say Microsoft band to ask anything about Microsoft band
  14. Press three or say MSN to ask anything about MSN
  15. Press four or say to ask anything about
  16. Press five or say one-drive to ask anything about One Drive
  17. Press six or say other to ask about another product

So, as the outlook is the new version of Hotmail, press 4, follow the instruction on another side to connect with the Hotmail live person. You can also request a call from Microsoft by going to the link to book an appointment. Choose the hour and date as per your convenience; the Microsoft team will connect you during that hour.

Queries to be solved with the help of a live person

  1. Hotmail account recovery
  2. For setting related query
  3. Security-related query
  4. Any general Hotmail query

How to access Hotmail live chat support

You can connect with the Hotmail chat service by visiting the official webpage of Microsoft. There locate the contact us page and then click on the link to contact an associate. On the new page, you can select your country from the list follow the instruction to connect via chat.

Hotmail Customer Service hours

Hotmail customer service is available 24 hours. There are some numbers which are available during business hours only.

Hotmail Social Network Support

Following are the social handle pages that you can use to connect Hotmail.

·    Facebook page: To get help from Facebook, you can log in to your Facebook id and search for the official Hotmail account. You can also follow the direct Facebook link from the official website of Hotmail.

·    Twitter page: For Twitter, follow the Twitter link of Hotmail on its official mail id.

·    YouTube page: Click on the YouTube link of Hotmail from its official website. You can subscribe to the channel to get the latest updates and information.

How to access Hotmail email support

To send any mail to the Hotmail customer support team, you can go through the steps below.

  1. Open the official webpage of Hotmail
  2. Go to the contact support page of Hotmail
  3. There locate the email service option
  4. Using the official email address, you can send your mail to Hotmail
  5. The customer support team will review your mail and respond to you as soon as possible

Hotmail help center

To get more information, you can also visit the Hotmail support page online

Hotmail Support Community

You can join the Hotmail support community to get answers from other Hotmail users. If you do not find an answer on how can i speak to someone about my Hotmail Account , you can post your query and wait for other Hotmail users' replies.

How do I reach a human at Hotmail? reading the above information, you can reach a human at Hotmail anytime. Also, due to the traffic sometimes, it's better that you visit the official webpage of Hotmail to get answer of your common questions. In case there is something specific, you can always contact a Hotmail representative

Similar Queries

Q- Can I ring Hotmail?

Ans: Hotmail can encounter any issues, so it will be better to overcome those issues in less time. You can resolve the problems by getting in touch with customer service. There are ways by which communication will be accessible for you with the Hotmail customer service. Look for the practices and communicate accordingly.

The best and easy way to interact with the customer service team of Hotmail is a phone call. Once you dial Microsoft Hotmail phone number (800)-642-7676, the customer representative will reach with you. They will ask about your issues, and you need to explain to them perfectly. Once they understand your problem, they will recommend a better solution in no time. Therefore, to connect with the customer service via phone call, you need to carry specific steps. Given below are the steps that you can perform to resolve your Hotmail-related issues in a minimum time. Check them out.

Speak to someone about Hotmail Account

  1. To reach Hotmail live person you can dial +1-800- 642- 7676 (USA), +1-877-568- 2495 (Canada) or +1-820-999-3424(Not official, Less Waiting Time).

  2. When you got connected with call then you can hear automated voice call.

  3. Now start to follow IVR instruction. Press 0 to select language.

  4. Press 1 for gereal queries and subscription/purchase.

  5. If you want to directly get in touch with Microsoft agents then you have option to press 5.

  6. Now you can discuss your problems with customer support person and they will provide you appropiate solutions.

  7. Typically waiting time can be aroung 5-10 minute.

So, these are the steps where you can contact the customer service of Hotmail. Now, you must be aware of the answer to can I ring Hotmail, where the above steps will help you. The best part of connecting is that you can take assistance throughout the day.

Connect Hotmail Customer Service by Phone

Connect Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number from Africa

Algeria : 21 89 10 70
Angola : 214 154 065
Botswana:61 292 5016
Egypt: 2 3539 3333
Ivory Coast: 20 242490
Ghana: 860 22 55 67
South Africa: 0860 22 55 67

Connect Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number from Asia

Brunei: 8014475
Cambodia: 3 9212 1942
Hong Kong: 2388 9600
India:  (0)80 4010 3000
             1 800 572 1100
             1 800 102 1100
Indonesia: 001 8030167966
Malaysia: 1 800 81 8798
                  8006 4276 738
Philippines: 180011102363
                     800 6427 6738

Connect Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number from Australia

Australia: 13 20 58
New Zealand: 0800 800 004

Connect Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number from Europe


Albania: 0 8000 123
Austria: 0 8000 123
Belgium: (0)2 503 31 13
Bulgaria: 0800 15 555
Croatia: 0800 300 300
France: (0)9 70 01 90
Germany: (0)180 6 67 22
Italy: 02 38 59 14 44
Portugal: 808 22 32 42
United Kingdom: (0)344 800


Connect Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number from North America/Central America

Anguilla: 1 866 993 9330
Aruba: 305 418 9136
Bahamas: 1 800 389 0489
Barbados: 1 866 993 9304
Belize: 305 418 9146
Costa Rica: 0800 016 1034
                     800 542 5320
                     305 418 9143
Dominica: 1 866 993 9309
El Salvador: 305 418 9143
Mexico: 52 55 47772929
Puerto Rico: 844 808 2700
U.S. Virgin Islands: 1 877 678 803

Most Searched Questions

Does Microsoft call you about your computer being hacked?

It has been advised you not to call about your computer security or software that you use on your computer device. Microsoft generally does not support unsolicited email messages or phone calls to request personal or financial information that can be harmful to everyone. But it is right that you can get technical support service for your computer when someone else is hacked. You can go to the help center where you can type your question and get certain help for a hacked computer device, and for that, you can use a remote service that provides you essential assistance at the right time significantly.

How can I speak to someone about my Hotmail Outlook account?

When you find something wrong with your Outlook account, which is not working due to some causes, and you want a solution quickly, you can speak to someone. If you wish to inquire how can I speak to someone about my Outlook Account, you can use a phone call that you will be provided by the technical staff and get support quickly. You will listen to an automated call from a call that instructs you to speak to someone about your Outlook account and get valuable support at your required time, ideally.

Does Microsoft offer free support?

Free support is offered at Microsoft and users can ask various queries from the customer service team concerning accounts, billings, services, applications, devices, etc. users need to reach customer service professionals at Microsoft for help and support.

Does Microsoft have a help desk?

Yes, Microsoft has a dedicated help desk to cater to the needs of users and thus they are able to get answers to questions and queries concerning their account.
Users can open a service request in the Microsoft 365 Admin center to get rid of the issues and glitches.

What is the difference between Office 2019 and Office 2021?

Microsoft 2021 is filled with numerous features.

  1. Google doc style collaboration features are an add-on in Microsoft office 2021. The collaboration is put into place via OneDrive.
  2. There is MsTeams in the 2021 Microsoft edition which is a new messaging application introduced by Microsoft for users.
  3. There is a reintroduction of the One Note application in the 2021 edition.
  4. What time does Microsoft support open?
  5. The support team at Microsoft is easily reachable over the hotline number and this functions from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday.

How do I contact Hotmail Australia by phone?

Microsoft users can get answers to how do I reach a human at Hotmail? by connecting with the customer service department to get help with Microsoft applications and services. Open your web browser and visit the official support page. Find the contact details and dial the helpline number between 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday to get help with glitches and issues.

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