How do I recover my Facebook account without code?

Acknowledge the ways to recover my Facebook account without code

Recovery of a disabled Facebook account can become one of those pieces that could be frustrating and puzzling, particularly when the password you are entering becomes null-N-void. You get puzzled up with the recovery. So, in that case, you have to recover Facebook account without code, you need to then use alternate options discussed here for your reference, and once you use them point by point, you will get immediate support.

There are basically two methods which help people to recover Facebook account password without using code such as:

1- Using alternate email address

2- Using security question

Recover FB account by get through the alternate email address(If unable to send Facebook code)

You can use the alternative email address option for recovering your Facebook account if do not know code, which is quite effective and is described in here below steps, and it regarding your account recovery quite smoothly.

  1. First, you need to open Facebook official application on your device. 

  2. Afterward, go to the login page, and here, enter the incorrect user id/username and click on the login option.

  3. Now, you need to move ahead on the password page.

  4. Select forgot password option here, and you need to choose the account recovery option again.

  5. After which, you get various contact options. 

  6. Select an alternate email address and hit the continue option 

  7. Afterward, you will get the account recovery link on your registered email address.

  8. Open your mail inbox and select the link, and it will transfer you to the password recovery page, wherein you have to create a new password and write it down within the given fields. 

  9. At last, click on the save button, and your password will get saved, and you ahead go to a Facebook account and once again log in with the new password.

Recover FB account via security question (If unable to send Facebook code)

 While you create your Facebook account with a new user ID, you must make one security question that may help you recover your account when you forgot the password.

  1. First, open the Facebook application on your phone. 

  2. After that, enter login credentials like a user id or username. 

  3. After that, on the next page, hit the forgot password icon.

  4. Now, you must select the account recovery option and the security question. 

  5. Where you have to type your answer for the question as you typed in while you created your account

  6. If the answer matches, then your account will be opened 

  7. Ahead of this, you must instantly create a new password for your account, and your account will have unique password access.

Henceforth, with the help of following these steps, you will have access to your Facebook account quite smoothly and if you are still left with any queries, contact the Facebook support team.


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