How do I remove a payment method from Norton 360?

Antivirus is the most necessary thing for the device, which should be installed in every device as it saves your device from hackers and thieves, helps your device in working fast, also removes unnecessary files and viruses from the device. So, Norton 360 is basically an antivirus that will help your device to work smoothly.

However, there are possibilities that you do not like the Norton Antivirus, and that is why you want to remove the payment for that. And now you are looking for the answer. So, there are two ways to remove the payment methods, and both are easy and reliable. You can read them out as it is mentioned below. 

Mention the methods through which I can remove payment methods from Norton 360. 

There are chances that you do not like the Norton 360 and you want to switch to another antivirus, and that is why you want to remove the payment method of that. So, for that, you can either go with the online procedure or the offline procedure. 

Remove payment through the Online process:

There is a simple online procedure that a customer can use to remove the payment of the Norton 360 with ease. To learn the procedure of that, you can read the steps mentioned below. 

Online Steps to remove payment method from Norton 360?

  • Through the browser of your preference, you can visit the site of Norton. 

  • Now find the manage my account option and select that. 

  • Move forwards, and log in. Mention your account .

  • Here you will see the Manage My subscription option.

  • Now you will see the edit icon and tap on the remove details. 

  • Norton 360 will provide the code through sms or Email. 

  • Read that code and fill in the empty box showing in front of the windows. 

  • At last, you will get the message that you have successfully removed your payment from the account through the message or Email.

Remove payment through the offline process.

You can also take the help of Norton 360 customer service to remove your payment methods. For that, you need to go through some IVR formality which is important; after that, you will be able to speak with customer service, where you have to provide some necessary details and ask for help. Read the brief procedure as mentioned below. 

  • In the beginning process on remove payment, dial 1 (855) 815-2726.

  • Then hear the IVR properly and press the number as necessary. 

  • Press 1 to select the language. 

  • Press 5 to add a new account. 

  • For the basic changes in account details, press 6. 

  • Press 7 to remove the credit card details of Norton.

  • Press * to speak with the live representative of the Norton 360. 

  • Now you can wait till your hold time ends, and after that, you can speak with the agent and get the answers from them. 

So, to remove the Norton payment method, you can use any of the above-mentioned methods. Or for more info, you can visit the official site of Norton, where you will get the required information of that. 


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