How do I remove an account from my Google Calendar?

Get informative tips to remove an account from my Google Calendar

Google offers a calendar to serve your standard and professional purposes on your device regularly. Google Calendar is widely famous for its time management which is scheduled by the Google in a useful format. You can find Google Calendar on your Android and IOS platform and allows it users to create the events using Google account credential. Google is associated with various products and services to manage your account and device conveniently. Hence, it allows you to add and remove an account from You Google Calendar that you can use on your device suitably.

Ways to remove an account from my Google Calendar

When you add any Google account to create any specific event with its correct user ID and password, you can check the whole details date-wise. When you need to manage your Calendar within one Google calendar, you can create the event and manage your various accounts within a calendar smoothly. But further, if you don’t wish to use it, initiate the process to remove an account from my Google Calendar quickly. It is something like you configure multiple accounts on your Google account to manage emails on the same platform. If you aren’t able to remove your account from your account and you need a guide, go through the steps below.

  1. Get started with the steps to remove an account form your Google account:
  2. First, visit the Google account sign-in page and select the gear icon to check the Google apps and select the Calendar.
  3. It asks you to enter the correct user ID and password to log in to your account, go to the Calendar, and check out the other account.
  4. You will see the multiple accounts on your Calendar if you have added them to the Google Calendar and can easily remove them.
  5. Go to the account option, select the Calendar for which you created the event, and select the upper right icon in three vertical square dots.
  6. You will access the remove and add account from your Calendar and select one to remove from your Calendar.
  7. Click on the continue button and enter the user ID and password to confirm that you want to remove an account from your Google Calendar.
  8. You will also get a message about removing your account from Google Calendar on your phone or email account that you need to manage accordingly.

How does it work to unsubscribe a Goodge calendar?

When you access your Google account, you find various apps, services, and products you can manage on your account suitably. You also find Google Calendar that you can control by creating the events and adding and removing funds from your calendar that you have signed in using the credential. You also get the option for the subscription that you can use to find the calendar and ensure you can unsubscribe it conveniently. You need some essential guidance if you wish to unsubscribe or delete your account from a Google Calendar.

  1. First, go to the Google Calendar on your device on the left hand, choose another calendar, and go to the settings.
  2. You will access the team’s calendar and select the unsubscribe tab, which will show on the right side, so choose the services.
  3. Get the unsubscribe option, select the team by choosing the Google account, and click the remove button.
  4. You need to click on the continue button after entering the correct password and conveniently remove the accounts from Google Calendar.

Likewise, if you use an iOS device and want to remove an account from your Google calendar, you can follow the on-screen instructions. It helps you conveniently add and remove an account from my Google Calendar. If you still encounter some trouble and don’t know what to do, you must contact a technical support team available to assist you promptly.


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