How do I reset the Facebook app on my iPhone?

You can reset the Facebook app on your iPhone through online mode because it can be accessible 24 hours and seven days from your preferred location. You can follow the below mentioned procedure to reset facebook on your ios device. The procedure includes steps that are discussed in layman's language so that you can apply.

In case it is installed, you need to delete the Facebook app before proceeding further.

  • Open your iPhone.

  • Please move to the settings tab and click on it.

  • Then select Facebook.

  • Enter your account name; after that, tap on delete account.

  • Now you are set to reset your iPad by pressing and then staying hold on the home and sleep wake button until you see the apple logo on the screen. Keep patience for 15 seconds till your system gets started.

  • Again, log in with your Facebook account after switching to the settings tab, then click on Facebook.

  • Please enter your account name and check whether it is working or not.

You can use one more method to reset the Facebook app on iPhone. In case you have issues with your Facebook app, then you can check the internet connection before fixing issues with Facebook because problems can be common and very basic to solve.

After checking your internet connection, ensure that ios software is up to date by following the written procedure below.

  • Move to the settings tab.

  • Then tap on the general option.

  • After that, click on the software update. 

  • Now go to the screen and keep on holding the Facebook app icon, and it will start shaking; after that, tap on the cross.

  • At last, your Facebook is uninstalled; go back into the app store and redownload the app again. 

In case every method fails, then you can reset the entire operation. Remember that resetting will cause a loss in complete data, so make a backup on your phone before that.

You can follow the below listed steps, the help of which you can reset your system.

  • Go to the settings app, and tap on it.

  • After that, click on the general setting and tap on the reset button.

  • At last, choose to erase all content and settings.

After erasing all the data, you are set to restart the apps, including Facebook. Download and enter your details, then log in through your account.

You can check the app restriction as the company provides a time feature within that time span. You can use the app; after that, the app will automatically get disabled because it will improve productivity and preserve the battery.

Follow the below written method to remove the restriction from your iPhone.

  • Open the settings app.

  • Then take your pointer to screen time.

  • Click on app limits and remove the Facebook app from the list by clicking on Delete limit.

  • Go back to screen time, then choose content and privacy restriction and log it off.

  • At last, launched the Facebook app again to check the issue.

If you have any doubts, you can fix your issues. You can visit the official site of the iPhone help center (800–275–2273), where the professional will guide you with the instructions until you recover your Facebook app to its initial stage. 


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