How do I search for someone on Facebook using their profile picture?

Learn to search for someone with a Facebook profile picture

One of the most used social media handles is Facebook. It provides platforms to communicate with family and friends by sharing posts, photos, and messages. Besides this, you can also have platforms to run the business and stream videos. Moreover, if you have profile pictures of a person and want to locate their account, then relax and pursue going through the subheadings.

Ways to search for someone by using Facebook profile pictures

On Facebook, you can approach the accounts details of the persons by using their profile photos, and the hint for using this has been described at the bottom:-

Via image search

When you have the saved images of the person, you can use the displayed at the bottom and locate their Facebook profile.

  • To search for someone by using Facebook profile pictures first, choose the image and right-click on that.

  • After that, choose view image options.

  • And then, you get to find the file name with Fb. 

  • You can have three sets of numbers with the inverted comma and copy those numbers there.

  • Later, paste the profile picture links with the Facebook URL.

  • Now, you can have the details of the user accounts.

Via search engine

You can use the search engine reverse image option and get someone from their Facebook account. And the clue for using this mode has been stated at the bottom:-

  • Open the photo and right-click on the online search options.

  • On the next tab, you get the display of matching profile photos.

  • After that, remove the text and type in the search bar.

  • Now you can have the result of similar account details and there click on the links.

  • Afterward, you can be directed to the same accounts you have been looking for.

Hence, you can easily search someone on Facebook using profile picture. So choose any of the modes you are comfortable with, and if anything is confusing, then speak with ifs customer service for aid


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