• How do I Speak to A Live Person At Verizon
    Wednesday, 22 September

    Contact live person at Verizon in few clicks

    Helping you with wireless products, Verizon Wireless is a telecommunication company that is famous for its best services with great reliability. It is considered as one of the biggest wireless carriers that are helping its customers to move freely without being tied to wires. It provides a series of wireless products that are best to use but with the number of products comes the number of queries of the customer.

    So, if you are also thinking about how do I speak to a live person at Verizon, here could be a great help for you. Keep reading to know the ways of contacting them.

    Reaching live person at Verizon via phone

    1. Head to the official website of Verizon

    2. You will find the Support button at the top of the homepage

    3. Choose the Contact Us option from the dropdown menu

    4. Choose a service you want the assistance for on the next page

    5. After choosing the problem, you will see the customer care number on the screen to dial

    6. You will be connected to an automated voice. Press 0 twice to move further

    7. Insert the PID you set at the Verizon website

    8. After waiting for a few seconds, you will be connected to a live person at Verizon

    If you didn’t connect them with the above steps, you can contact the common helpline number of Verizon ie- 1 (800) 837-4966

    1. To get the menu, press 0 twice
    2. Choose the required service and press 0 again
    3. You will get connected to a live person in a very short interval.

    This is how you can connect with the live person at Verizon via phone call. If you are still wondering about how do I speak to a live person at Verizon via other platforms, you can have a look below here.

    Reaching live person at Verizon via other platforms

    1.      Verizon Live chat: if calling is taking too long to connect, you can take the help of the live chat option to get connected with a live person. Follow the procedure below to get the guidance

    • On the official website of Verizon, click on the Support button

    • In the dropdown menu, go for the Contact us option

    • From the three options, click on Chat with us

    • Once you click on Chat now, you will find a message box on the right side of your screen

    • In the typing area, enter your query

    • You will get an instant reply via lie chat

    2.      Facebook: you can chat with a live person on messenger as well. To get them, follow the steps we have provided:

    • On the official website, you will see the Message option on the contact us page

    • Log in to your Facebook account

    • Click on the message option on the Verizon Facebook page

    • You will be able to connect them via messenger

    3.      Twitter: if you are not getting help from the above options, you can also tag them on Twitter to draw their attention. You can find their Twitter handle on the contact us page at the bottom. Just click on it and tag them stating your problem.

    These were the ways to get the answers to your question how do I speak to a live person at VerizonThey will be at your service to help you anytime. If you want some help with the operating of device, you can also take help from their YouTube channel to watch the instructions.

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