How do I stop everyone from seeing my friends List on Facebook?

Are you looking forward to the method that can stop people from seeing your Facebook friend list? Well, do not worry, as Facebook takes care of your account's security and provides its user's several ways to protect it from otters.

In case you wonder how to stop everyone from seeing my friends on Facebook, it's a quite simple procedure. Here have provided the detailed procedure for your reference; you can go through it to make it simple.

Ways to stop people from seeing Facebook friends

Whether you are using Facebook on the web browser or any mobile app, you can follow the procedure explained below for reference.

Change the setting online to stop people from seeing FB friends

  1. Firstly open your Facebook account using any web browser
  2. Click on the triangle icon on the upper right of the screen to open the menu,.
  3. Then select settings and click on Privacy 
  4. Now in the section 'how people can find and contact you,' select who can see your friend list? hit the tab
  5. In the drop-down menu, you must select who you want to see on your Facebook friend list.

Below is the list you get; select the desired option

Public: Everyone can see your friend list 

Friends: Only friends can see

Friends except: All friends except the selected one

Specific friends: Only the selected friends

Only Me: Only you can see the friend list

Custom: You can select specifically who can see and can't see your friends list

      6. After you complete the above, click on save changes to save the setting

      7. Click on the close button on the screen to save the settings

Change setting via mobile app to stop seeing your Friends

  1. Open the Facebook mobile application
  2. Click on the menu icon, hit the button' settings and privacy', and click settings.
  3. Now under section Audience and Visibility, click on 'How people Find and contact you.'
  4. Select which can see your friend list, and you get to see a few options 
  5. Now choose the options only me to limit the friend list to you only 
  6. Click the back button on the upper left to save your options and return to settings 

Following the above procedure, you must be clear about how to stop everyone from seeing my friends on Facebook. However, there are a few ways people can still see your friends. They can visit the profile and see the friends you have in common. Besides, you will also be visible if your friends have a public friend list.

Going through the information above, you must be clear about everything now. If you still have any doubts or confusion, you can talk to a Facebook representative anytime.


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