How do I stop Norton from charging my credit card?

Norton provides antivirus software services to its customers. They are a trusted entity in this field. You must take their monthly or annual subscription to use their services. When your account expires, Norton automatically renews it from your credit card. If you are also wondering how I can stop Norton charging my credit card, then you have to first stop the renewal of your Norton Account and then remove your credit card details from their database. The process is very simple. Norton allows you to stop their subscription renewal at any time. You have to follow the given instructions to stop the auto-renewal of Norton Subscriptions:

The procedure of stopping Norton subscription from auto-renewing

Before removing your credit card details from the database of Norton, you must look to stop their auto-renewal subscriptions. You must do it one day before its expiry date.

You can follow the given instructions to stop your Norton subscription from Auto-renewing:

  • You have to sign in to your Norton Account.

  •  Now, you have to select “My Account.”

  • Now, you have to select “Cancel Subscription Renewal.”

  • Now you will be asked to confirm the cancellation of your Norton subscription.

  • You have to select “Confirm” in order to cancel your Norton subscription.

By following this procedure, you can easily stop the auto-renewal of your Norton Subscription. Norton provides the auto-renewal subscription so that its customers can have uninterrupted services. You can ask for a refund even if the subscription charges have been deducted from your credit card. According to the refund policy of Norton, if you cancel your annual subscription within 60 days and monthly subscription within14 days, you will get a full refund. 

Important points that you must consider before stopping auto subscription renewal of Norton

  • The existing subscription will continue to work until its subscription expires. After that, your Norton subscription will not get automatically renewed.

  • Whatever changes that you have made to your account will take a few hours to update, so after stopping the auto-renewal subscription of your Norton Account, it will be stopped within a few hours. 

  • The benefits that you were getting with the auto-renewal of the subscription will also stop.

How to remove your credit card details from your Norton Account

During the trial period, you have to provide your card details to Norton in order to use their service during the trial period. But once the trial period is over, your Norton subscription automatically gets renewed because your card details are already saved on their database. You have to remove your card details so that Norton does not charge from your credit card. You can follow the given instructions to remove your credit card details from your Norton Account.

The process of removing card details from your Norton Account

  • You have to open the website of Norton and sign in to your account.

  • Now, you have to select “My Account Settings.”

  • Now, you have to open the billing information.

  • You will find the details of your saved card here.

  • Now, you have to select the trash icon to delete the details of the card information.

By this process, your credit card details will be automatically removed from your Norton Account. You also have to make sure that you stop the auto-renewal of your Norton subscription. In case the subscription charges have been deducted, then you can ask for a refund. The refund policy of Norton is flexible and accommodative. The process of removing your credit card details is hassle-free. Norton auto-renews the subscriptions to provide uninterrupted service to their customers.


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