How do I unlink Facebook from Microsoft Account?

A detailed guide to unlink Facebook from a Microsoft account!

Many people like to link Facebook with their Microsoft email accounts. It makes the Facebook account secure and prevents hack. However, there are times when they need to unlink the Microsoft accounts from Facebook for some reason. In such cases, they wonder about how to do that. Are you also thinking about how do I unlink Facebook from Microsoft account? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Here, you can learn the steps to unlink Facebook from your Microsoft account in various ways.

How can I unlink the Facebook account from Microsoft?

Various ways can help you to unlink your Facebook account. You can choose any of the methods below to complete the process:

1- Using Microsoft website

2- From the Facebook page

3- With the help of customer service

Method 1: Using Microsoft website

  • To unlink facebook from your microsoft account first of all go to the sign-in page of Microsoft account first.

  • Now click on the Manage button on the left side of your profile page.

  • You will find the Facebook icon in the options.

  • Click on the Edit button under the Facebook icon.

  • Choose the Remove this Connection Completely option from the bottom of the page.

  • Finally, hit the Remove button to complete the procedure.

Some of the users don't find the Manage option in their profiles. You need to click on the Permissions option from the left panel in such cases. Now, choose the Manage accounts from the list and follow the same process as above.

Method 2: From the Facebook page

There are two options to unlink the Microsoft account from the Facebook profile. 

A. Form the account settings: Unlink facebook from Microsfot you need to go to the sign-in page of Facebook and log in to your account. After that, you will find the three bars at the top right corner of the screen. Click on it and locate the Account Settings option from the list. Now, you have to select the Apps option and choose the email linked to your account. Click on the pencil icon under your email link and hit the Remove button. That's how you can unlink a Microsoft account from the Facebook app.

b. From Security and Passwords: You have to go to the Settings option in your Facebook account. Now, you can choose the Security and Passwords option from the list. You will find the Use Two factor authentication button there. You have to open the option and remove the accounts linked with your Facebook.

Method 3: With the help of customer service

If you cant remove or unlink a Microsoft account from Facebook on your own, you can take the help of a customer representative. If you wonder, "how do I unlink Facebook from Microsoft account?" with the help of customer service, you need to check the steps provided below:

  • To unlink your facebook account from Microsoft open any search engine and look for the toll-free number for Facebook.

  • Select the number of your region and dial it to connect with an automated voice.

  • Follow the on-call instructions to reach the customer support.

  • Press the digits according to the required services.

  • Press 9 and then 0 to talk with the live person of Facebook on call.

You can also try to contact the customer representative of Microsoft to help you with the process. You will find the contact details of Microsoft on the Support page of your account. Choose the number and follow the instructions to contact a real person to resolve your issue.

So, these are the different methods that can help you unlink your Microsoft account from Facebook. Are you still wondering how do I unlink Facebook from Microsoft account? Well, you can take the help of the General Feedback option given at the Help Center page of Facebook. You can also check the Community section of your Facebook account to get some relevant answers.


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