How do I update my AOL Email Account Setting

AOL accounts which most people also use. It is also used by google, yahoo, Microsoft, ATT, and more accounts used for access by those people. So, if you are facing a problem while updating the email account of AOL, you can find a good place to search for it. So, here you will find the ways to update AOL email accounts by following methods or steps.

Update AOL Account Setting

However, you can update your email account with these simple steps: 

  • Launch the website of AOL

  • Sign in to the AOL account and open it.

  • Below the username or name, you will see their “option” tab. Click on it.

  • In addition, you can view the “mail settings” and click on that option.

  • After opening there, you will find many general, compose, block sender list, filter, calendar, and AOL ads settings. 

Hence, you can see how you will update all the settings here in detail.

General AOL Settings Update

  • Sign in to the AOL account. 

  • Click on the option and go for email settings.

  • Click on general settings 

  • After opening it, choose what you want to change in “today on AOL” and “sender name display.”

  • In addition, there are also more options for settings like “reading,” “new email,” and “inbox style.” 

  • Therefore, if you desire to change “ mail away'' and message,” contacts.” Then, choose it and make some changes

  • After changes, “save” your changes.

Compose AOL Settings Update

  • Login to your account.

  • Click ”option” and select “email settings.”

  • If you want to change “compose,” click on it.

  • However, under the compose settings, want changes in “CC/BCC,” “default compose mode,” or in writing the mail in “pop-up screen,” “full plane,” or “separate window,” then choose it.

  • In addition, you can also make changes in “rich text/HTML,” “display name,” and “ in sending” messages. You can go for spelling checking while sending or adding an email address while sending or composing. 

  • However, click on the “save” button to save your changes after changes.

Block AOL Sender List Update

So, if you want to control your spam messages in the inbox, then follow these steps:

  • Sign in for the AOL account.

  • Open the options tab and go for email settings.

  • Then, the “block sender” column. And open it.

  • Under this, “block mail from specific addresses” you want to block it.

  • Then, press the (+) icon tab.

  • In addition, if you want to delete the mail address, press the (X) option to remove anyone you want.

Filter AOL Settings Update

Therefore, you can also make filters for incoming mails or where you want to send them. So, if you are making filters, you can also be capable of doing editing or removing them from the screen by following steps:

  • After login, select settings.

  • So, if you want to create a filter, open it.

  • Fill in your guideline for making it.

  • Then, save it.

  • However, if you want to edit it, move your mouse towards the filter name

  • Edit it and make changes that you want.

  • After making changes to it, save your changes and updates.

Calendar AOL Settings Update

If you want to change settings in a calendar, follow these steps:

  • Login to the AOL email account.

  • Locate the option that is present downward of the username.

  • Then, select the calendar setting and change the settings to what you want.

  • In addition, you will see there the option of “default view,” “time zone,” and “display.”

  • Please select any of them and change them.

  • After changes as per your choice, save your changes.

Further, contact the AOL account customer carefreely if you face any problems. And, they will suitably assist you.


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