How do I use WhatsApp on my Desktop or Laptop?-Best Ways can Opt

Almost every user who has a compatible smartphone can access WhatsApp and its services features. It is widely used to share text messages, images, and even short videos with friends or family members. Many times, interested users want to learn the process by which they can easily use WhatsApp facility on their Desktop or Laptop. Users can conveniently use the mentioned social media WhatsApp features on digital gadgets, especially Desktop or laptop devices.

Use the WhatsApp features on a Desktop or Laptop:

Updated versions of WhatsApp have now improved and are referred to as user's friendly while used on Laptop or desktop devices. Windows or iOS based WhatsApp is available on the digital App store. Users can even download WhatsApp on their desktop or laptop devices, which has an entirely new interface.
Go with the WhatsApp desktop or Laptop from the Android Phones:
To use the WhatsApp desktop or Laptop with the help of Android Phones, users should have good internet access. They can also follow some possible steps to use WhatsApp on the given Laptop or Desktop.


  • Open WhatsApp on the given window-based Laptop or Desktop.
  • On the Android phone, users will see the three dots on the upper side of the WhatsApp page.
  • From the three-dot drop-down menu, they can tap on the Linked devices.
  • After tapping on the Link a device from the given option, users can point out the QR code to establish an identity authentication with their Android Phones.
  • The WhatsApp page will load and open on the Laptop or Desktop within some seconds. 

Set up the WhatsApp features on the Laptop or Desktop from the iPhone:

While using the iPhone, the WhatsApp interface will act differently on the Desktop or the provided Laptop. Some of the illustrating steps can be used to set up the WhatsApp facility on the Laptops or Desktops by using the iPhone.

  • Initially, open WhatsApp on the iPhone devices and choose the setting options.
  • Under the setting option, they can tap on the Linked device from the iPhone.
  • After going with Link a device, they have to authenticate with Face or fingerprint ID.
  • Further, they can scan the QR code on the Laptop or Desktop from their iPhone camera.
  • It will open the WhatsApp page on the given devices.

Use WhatsApp Web on Laptops or Desktops:

Irrespective of the user's digital device, they can use the WhatsApp Web features on the Laptop or Desktop platform. While using the WhatsApp Web browser, user do not need to install it on their Laptop or Desktop in the form of an App. However, with the following procedures, they can use the WhatsApp web features on the given digital devices.


  • Reach the WhatsApp web link: on the given Laptop or desktop browser.
  • They can open the Linked devices on their Android or iPhone.
  • Now, they can capture the WhatsApp web QR code on the browser from their smartphone. 
  • Open WhatsApp through a Web browser.
  • Turn on the notification icon settings in the address bar.  

Thus, with the above ways, users can easily use WhatsApp in Laptops or Desktops.


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