How do you call someone on Facebook Lite?

If the user has any query and wants to speak with someone regarding their questions on Facebok LIte, they can use the alternative modes of communication and get connected with the person as quickly as possible. When they use alternative methods of communication, they can share their queries with them, and someone will provide the solution to their questions as quickly as possible.

Methods to reach Facebook lite

Contact Facebook lite Person via Phone Call:

To talk somone on Facebook lite live, first of all tap the video camera icon on the upper right corner and begin a video call.You can also call to Facebook Lite support number 650-543-4800, 650-308-7300 and share your Facebook lite related problems with persons.

If they are looking for the contact number of Facebook lite, they have to follow the instructions that are given below:

Steps to comunicate Facebook Lite

  • Open Facebook Lite and enter your email address and password. 

  • Tap on three dots and click on the setting option. 

  • Under the setting option, tap on the help option. 

  • Under the help option, you have to select the contact option. 

  • Choose your topic according to your question. 

  • Dial these official Facebook contact numbers.

  • Hear the IVR commands carefully. Here are:

  1. Press 1 or 2 for language selection. 

  2. Press 3 for account recovery. 

  3. Press 4 for the password related settings. 

  4. Press 5 for the customer service. 

  • Now communicate with the Facebook Lite real person and share the information regarding the query and get the possible solutions to their queries as quickly as possible. 

Use the Chat option to connect with the Facebook Lite

On Facebook, a chat option is available for business users. When you have a business account on Facebook and you require help regarding your Facebook Lite account. You can use the chat option and get a quick response from the support team.

Send an Email to Facebook Lite. 

Users can send an email to the Facebook lite representative if they don’t want to connect with the representative on the call or chat. They can send the email to the Facebook Lite representative and get the solution to their issues as soon as possible. They can send the email to this official id: When the user sends an email to the representative, they can add the attachments if required.

Connect Facebook Lite on Social Media Networking Sites.

Users can connect with the Facebook lite on the social media networking sites. Facebook is available on Twitter. To connect Facebook on the social media networking site, they have to open the social media platform and click on the follow or like option. After that, the users can send the messages on their pages and the representative will provide you respond to their questions as quickly as possible. They can also see their regular updates, reviews and comments on the social media networking sites. 


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