How do you make a visually appealing Instagram?

Instagram has been a great platform for influencers and freelancers to present their brands and talent. However, it is hard to get the users' attention on Instagram. If you want to get more and more eyes on your content, your page or account must stand out from the crowd.

To catch more and more eyes on your Instagram, you must consistently post something. But, before you post, you must look at a few things to make your Instagram account visually more attractive. Here are some tips that can make your account more appealing than your competitors:

  1. Color Theme: It is one of the easiest ways to make your Instagram account attractive. All you need to do is pick a color theme that can be vibrant or dull per your content requirement and be consistent with that. 

  2. Get a Filter and stick to it: Filters can be a great tool as it makes the photos more coherent. It is likely to be the same as choosing a color theme, but here, you get plenty of extra things that you can do to make it more visually appealing.

  3. Select a Subject: It is very important that you select a subject, and all of your posts must be in the same direction so that people can associate with your account and who are interested in the topic and post you are posting can follow and come back, again and again, to see what’s new on your account. 

  4. Attractive Caption: Photos are important, but it is also important to use simple and attractive captions. You can put your thoughts and ideas in the caption to help the users know and understand you better, and they can connect to you.

  5. Audit Your Image: Before you post your image for the public, you must take a final look at your post and see if it is up to standard and make the necessary changes. 


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