How long did it take Mark Zuckerberg to make Facebook?

The story of Facebook started with Coursematch. Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t aware of the fact that Facebook would grow into a hundred billion company. The seed grew in his mind when he realized that there was a Google search engine good for searching news and Wikipedia for searching reference material—however, there was no tool where one could learn about other people. There was no clue how to bridge this gap. So, Zuckerberg initiated building little tools.

Prior to Facebook, he built a small tool named Coursematch, where students could list what classes they were taking. Afterward, the Facematch tool is introduced but as a prank.

The footing of Facebook began when a college kid spent too much time programming instead of studying and paying attention in class. Let’s find out how a study tool becomes a social network.

How did Coursematch become Facebook?

The final class, Rome of Augustus, was an art history class where pieces of art in the class were discussed, and you needed to write an essay about the piece and its historical significance. He didn’t pay attention to the class and was occupied with programming. Hence, he was completely screwed during the final. Therefore, build a little study tool that shows a random piece of art and allows enter your thought. He emailed the class about the study tool, and everyone explained the significance of the art pieces. This came out as a great social study tool.

As a result, the test grades were better than in the past. Like this, he did around ten different things at Harvard. He put the stuff together and created a tool to share whatever people wanted in their community. This was the first version of Facebook.

How long did the development take?

Surprisingly, it took only two weeks to build Facebook’s first version. Mark Zuckerberg was completely unaware that it could be transformed into a hundred-billion-dollar company. So how did this venture become so successful?

The day Facebook launched at Harvard, Zuckerberg went out to get pizza with his close friend, who helped him with computer science homework. They were happy and talking about how their community is connected, and this would be bigger for the world one day. But they never thought it might be them because they were just college students.

Why did no one else do it? A bunch of people were using it but never gave a thought to monetizing it because of the silly reason that these things are just for young people. And there were other questions like this might work in the US but not worldwide. How could this work on mobile?

That was the dawn of Facebook. Now, the social network is a 12-year-old social old grown into a company investing in artificial intelligence to virtual reality in the future.

Mark Zuckerberg is focused on Virtual reality and invested hugely in Facebook. Suppose you have any question, users can contact the Facebook official page on the platform to get an instant answer to your concerns. 


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