What procedure do I need to follow to add music to my iPhone?

The iPhone is the most advanced and smart device available in the market. Due to its numerous and various features, people often face difficulty in using it correctly and do not know about most of the facilities it provides. If you are also facing an issue with adding music on your iPhone, you have come to the right place for the answer. Here, you will find different methods to add music to your iPhone according to your suitability. Select the process that is relevant to you and follow the given steps.

Which is the best method to add music to your iPhone?

When you have a lot of variety, deciding which method to add music to your Apple phone becomes complex. Apple Music is a comparatively better tool out of all the procedures and applications mentioned earlier because it has various benefits that make it better than all the specified methods. To learn about these benefits in detail, refer to the section below.

How do I manually add music to my iPhone?

Apple Music is not the only way to add music to your iPhone. There are several other options that you can use to place songs on your device. One such option is to use iTunes, which allows you to add music to your Apple phone using a laptop, computer, or Mac. iTunes is as effective a tool as Apple Music. It also allows you to check the storage space remaining in your iPhone before adding music to your device. Below are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Start the iTunes on your laptop or Mac to begin.

  • Visit the iTunes library page and select the drop-down menu.

  • Choose 'Music' and select the songs that you want to copy.

  • Or press and hold the Ctrl/Command key to add multiple songs.

  • Drag the songs to the 'Devices' section named iPhone.

How do I put music on my iPhone without iTunes?

If you think that the music-adding procedure of both the iTunes and Apple Music methods is complex, there is another tool that you can use that provides the same effectiveness. You can try the EaseUS MobiMover for putting music on your Apple phone, and it has an elementary set of steps you need to follow. This transfer tool allows you to copy songs from a computer, Mac, and another iOS device and transfer them to your iPhone. Here's what you need to do:

  • Connect your iPhone to the device from which you will transfer songs.

  • Launch the EaseUS MobiMover in the connected device to continue.

  • Allow it to access your phone by tapping 'Trust' and 'Allow on the program.'

  • Select 'Content Management,' click 'Audio', and then tap the 'Music' option.

  • Click 'Add Contents' to open up the saved music files on your PC.

  • Choose the music files and tap 'Open' to initiate the song transfer.

Why should you use Apple Music on your iPhone?

Apple Music is a pre-installed application in the iPhone that allows you to manage your music files and help you playsonhs whenever you want, whether offline or online. As it is a built-in app for iPhone, it offers optimal compatibility with the device, ensuring no glitch or virus hindrance on your phone. Here are a few more advantages you can experience using Apple Music.

  • Enhanced Listening: Apple Music provides various advanced features, such as spatial audio, real-time lyrics, and ad-free listening, that improve the user listening experience.

  • Songs Variety: It offers over 100 million songs and 30,000 playlists that help you to choose songs according to your mood, preference, and likeness.

  • Cost-Effective Plans: They also provide a free trial of 1-3 months to its customers for Apple Music. Also, the monthly subscription fee is affordable, starting from $10.99.

  • Offline Song Availability: You can also listen to the songs without internet connectivity if you are a paid Apple Music consumer. This helps you during flights or long trips.

  • Operating Efficiency: Apple provides this app in iOS, Mac, Apple watch, android phones, and Windows PCs, in over 167 countries. So, you can use it anywhere and anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if you cannot add music to your iPhone?

There can be instances when you are not able to put music on your Apple phone or face a malfunction due to using any method. If you are wondering what to do in these cases, we have covered it for you. You should immediately contact Apple's technical team and ask for assistance. You can try any of the methods stated below to approach the agents of the concerned company. All the listed methods are equally effective; however, choose according to your suitability.

Access the live chat feature at the Apple website.

Another excellent method that you can use to contact Apple officials is to access the live chat feature. This feature operates on the Apple website around the clock, ensuring you have no issue reaching out to their agents. Their website also offers a user-oriented and structured interface that helps you process your request and find solutions faster and more efficiently. Here's how you can access the chatbot option:

  • To begin, go to Apple's official website.

  • Hover on the 'Support' tab at the top.

  • Click the 'Contact Us' option from the list.

  • Describe your issue in the provided field box.

  • Then, scroll down, and you will find a chat icon.

  • Tap on the give icon, and a chat box will open.

  • Now, you can enter your queries in the chatbox.

Post your question in the Apple Community.

You can also post your queries in the community section available on the Apple website. Through this, you can get the support of various experts and Apple consumers in a few minutes. This helps you find numerous and varied solutions to your issues, making it easier to find the appropriate solution. This option is found in the 'Support' tab on the Apple website's home screen. A drop-down menu will appear; select the 'Community' option. You will receive a field box where you can post your queries and get different solutions.


Can I put my music on my iPhone?

Apple provides an in-built iPhone application allowing users to add music to their devices. It also offers other advantages you will get to know in the sections ahead. It allows you to add music, stream it over an internet connection, and download it to play whenever you want. You can add a song, album, and even a playlist through this app. Follow the steps listed below to put music to your iPhone:

  • Open the Apple Music app to initiate the process.

  • Search for and find music that you want to add on your own.

  • Select the music and tap the 'More' icon next to the song.

  • In the case of an album or playlist, an 'Add' symbol will appear.

  • Then, press the 'Add to library' option to end the process.

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