How to change MSN account settings- Simple steps or Procedure

Users have the facility to change the settings for the MSN account as per their need. The MSN account comes with some settings which are provided by the company.

Change contact profile and contact settings of MSN

·        Open web browser and navigate to the MSN home page

·        Navigate to the account information management section

·        Click the update your contact information and enter the details

·        Select the option of ‘Manage your MSN aliases’ to change existing aliases or add new

·        Select the option of ‘Set language, site, time zone’ to make the changes as required

Change security and notification settings of MSN

·        Select the option of ‘change sign-in settings’ to adjust how MSN would ask for your user name and password

·        Click on the option of ‘change password’ to make the changes in the password of the MSN account

·        Click on the update password reset info to change mobile number, back up email

·        Select the option of link your account with other sites to setup devices and website

·        Click the option of setup MSN alerts to determine when MSN should send notifications to your phone

·        Select the option of update newsletter and marketing options to change type and frequency

The MSN support team would be available for the users for providing all the suitable details to the users related to how to change MSN account settings.


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