How to enable Remote Access for Juno Account

What is the procedure to enable Juno account remote access?

Juno email provides remote access as an optional security measure that the user can enable or disable anytime according to the need. However, enabling remote access for the Juno email account provides the service to login onto a user account from the web. On the other side, if the remote access for your Juno email account is disabled, then you cannot log in to your account on the web even from the same device on which you did it. However, if you wish to learn the correct procedure for how to enable remote access for juno account , follow the instruction as given below.

Steps to enable remote access for Juno version 2.0

  • Open Juno in the device from which you have disabled the remote access
  • Then open the menu by navigating towards start button
  • Next point to the Remote access option from the menu
  • Then tap on the enable button to allowing the remote access for your Juno account
  • Steps to enable remote access for Juno version 3.0 or later
  • Turn on the computer from which Juno account remote access is originally disabled
  • Then go to the start button and navigate towards the options menu
  • Next move to the Password & Security from the list under options tab
  • Then select the Security option from Password & Security section
  • Now tick mark on the Allow access to my account from other computers tab
  • At last hit OK button to save the Juno account remote access enabled settings

This is how to enable remote access for Juno account in the most suitable manner. In case, people are unable to provide the remote access for your Juno account, then you might have to get help from a technical person. People can contact the customer care team of the Juno for asking help regarding how to enable remote access for juno account , successfully enabling remote access for your account on the web.


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