Google Account Recovery Update

A Google account has been considered as a complete package of webmail service. It is so competent in managing on various devices such as Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod and much more. Notably, there is a significant use of Google account on an Android device when someone purchases the new device. He creates his Google account on his android device if he is not having this types of the account at the beginning of using Android device. Google account helps users in order to secure their data and all important files from all over devices as listed above formerly.

By all this way, we have just mentioned a kind of the simple and needful information for those users in the previous content that is exactly addressing the use of Google account. Google account has several features and products to manage its email services error-free and this is Google has developed a variety of innovative features such as Google+, Search, Map, Google drive, My account, Google translation and much more. So there are so option to enjoy Google services at all the time.

Google account might be created and installed on an Android and computer device. But being a user-friendly service, it is very easy to install and manage on Apple devices too. Quite often, the users have to face some of the common issues for example

  • Unable to sign in.
  • Unable to perform Google account recovery.
  • Having an issue while configuring Google account.
  • Junk mail is not deleting and much more.

All these above -mentioned issues are making them too much bother and helpless to fix if they do not have awareness related to the technical troubleshooting procedure. But it is a tech support experts who are here to bestow appropriate help in order to puzzle out the hassles in no time. When it comes to the Android, is a software developed by the Google supports which managed by the Google. Google Company always comes on the top of all over the world situated in the USA and provide full and top class tech support service to resolve the problem at 24 by 7.

Generally, the users consider Google account as Gmail account by using the correct email address and password to access with ease. The sign option can be seen on the first home page of the Google. But when unfortunately there is an issue while sign in and unable to fix, it is time to go for the Google account recovery procedure without getting a delay. So aware of it, if you are not capable to recover the password you can seek help from a techie who is always committed to getting the issue fixed in no time.

Here are the ways to recover the password through the Google account recovery software:

  • Turn on your computer device and launch an internet browser.
  • Go to the Google page and enter the free download Google account recovery software.
  • Press the download button from the below link and wait for a minute.
  • Now click the run button and install it simply on your device.
  • Now press the sign in button and enter the previous email address and password.
  • If not responding, click the forgot password button and click the verify button now.
  • A code would be sent to the mobile device which you have to enter into the field.
  • A password recovery link will be showing on the next page allowing to enter the password into both fields.

Here are the ways to recover the Google password if lost Mobile Number

You can recover your Gmail account access if you lost your mobile number, you need to perform the account recovery process using an email address. And that can be done by following the given steps:

  • Firstly, you should open the Google account recovery page on your browser.
  • Once you reach the recovery page, fill in the username and click Next.
  • Then click ob the Forgot Password? option under the password field.
  • After that, asked to provide the last password, if remember, enter it. Otherwise, click the try another way option.
  • Moreover, from the account recovery options choose the recovery email address to reset the password.
  • In this way, a password reset link will be sent on your email, check and click the password reset link.
  • You will redirect to the password reset page where you will find the option to set a new password.
  • Consequently, you have to set a new password and confirm it.
  • And lastly, click on the Save Changes .

This is how you will be able to do Google account recovery without seeing any difficulty without using the mobile number.

Here are the ways to recover Google password on Tablet

Do you access your Google account on the tablet to send and receive emails or for any other purpose? Then you will get the best in class and error-free features. But sometimes lots of problems are faced by the users whenever they try to access Google account on tablet and one of the most common problems which are highly faced by the users is forgetting password. If you have also forgotten the password of your Google account on Android, then you can simply recover it on your tablet within simple steps.

Steps for Google Account Recovery on Tablet:

  • First of all, open a browser on your tablet and then go to recovery page.
  • Now you have to enter the Google ID that password you want to recover.
  • You may ask to enter the last password if you remember and then click on Try another way.
  • Now click on Send code tab and then a verification code will be sent to your recovery phone number.
  • Type the new password and then you will be required to re-enter the same password to confirm.

These steps can help in Google account recovery on Tablet in a very simple way.

Unfortunately, if there is an issue and unable to sign in their Google account, or showing message for the wrong credential, it is time to dial Google account recovery phone number offers a kind of help to reach and thus resolve the issue from technical support engineers who are available in their office to deal with the issue in a very short span of the time.

So cheer up and contact techies to seek guidance simply. Not only this you can contact techies through email, chat, remote software as well but for the instant help, you need to dial its phone number or gmail customer service that helps you access techies who will offer you the right concept of resolving the issue within a time.

Here are the ways to Recover Google Pay PIN

Google Pay is one of the secure and faster online transaction platforms used by millions of users across the world. One can send and receive to their contacts in a very quick manner with the help of Google Pay account. But sometimes problems come when users forget their Google Pay account pin and look for the ways to recover their pin which is very simple to recover with the help of easy instructions.

Steps for Google Account Recovery Pin

  • First of all, open the Google Pay app on your phone.
  • Tap on your photo which is available at the top left of your screen.
  • Tap on bank account which is linked to Google Pay account.
  • Now tap on Forgot UPI PIN option.
  • Enter the last four digit of your debit card and expiry date into the given field.
  • Now you will get an OTP on your registered phone number and then enter it into the required field.
  • After that, enter a new password for your Google Pay account to complete the process.

With the help of above-given Google account recovery instructions, you can easily recover your Google Pay PIN and if you are still not capable of recover your PIN, then contact the customer service team for a perfect assistance.

Here are the ways to recover Google Account if forgot Alternate Email Id

Have you lost access to your recovery email and do not know how to recover your Google account? Then, do not need to fret out, as, in this page, you will be provided with the steps for recovering Google account using an alternative method.

Procedure to recover Google Account using Phone Number

For the users who have lost access to their recovery email, here is the procedure that they can opt for Google account recovery using phone number.

  •  Launch Google recovery page for initiating the recovery process.
  • Then, provide the username.
  • Now, for account verification, the user will be offered with the recovery options where the user is required to select recovery via phone number option.
  • Further, a code will be provided to the user which they need to provide for account verification.
  • Once the Google account is verified, the user can create a new password and save the changes.

In case if the user fails to perform the recovery process, they can either opt for recovery via the security question option or contact Google support to seek the required assistance. 

Hence, next time whenever you can encounter this issue, follow the provided steps and recover your Google account.

What should be done if Google account recovery is not working?

Google account recovery is something that can take you out of the situation when you are locked out of your account. But what can be done by the users if they are facing an issue in recovering their Google account? Well, there are things that a user has to check if encountering the issue.

Steps that can help:

If the Google account recovery is not working, then these steps will be of your help. You can also contact the customer care executives for more help on Google account recovery.

Check internet connection:

The foremost step that should be taken is checking the internet connection. The users should ensure that the internet is working fine and is stable. There will be a need for stable internet connection for recovering the account.

Verification code:

If you have not received the verification code, then the network issue can be the reason. Make sure that you are in network zone. You can also request a call from Google to get the verification code.

Here are the ways to get Google Verification Code

Google is very strict for its users securities and proffers the multiple ways to get perfect security. Google provides the two-step authentication feature where users can simply protect their account whenever they forget the access of their Google account. Sometimes when you forget your Google account password or someone hacks your account, and then you can simply get back to your Google account after recovering it with the help of verification code that you can get through the multiple ways such as recovery phone number.

Follow the steps to get a Google verification code:

  • First of all, go to the official Google account recovery page via
  • Enter your Google ID or username that you want to recover.
  • Click on Next.
  • Now a user can see the option of password recovery and then click on Send code.
  • After that, passengers will get the verification code on given recovery phone number.
  • Now you can use the code into the given field in order to recover your password.
  • These above-given steps can help to get a Google Recovery code for the verification.
General Queries Realted to Google Problems

Query 1: How to reactivate Google account?


Google account is a user account which can be linked with various applications and services. If the user does not login to the account for a long time, it becomes deactivated. To regain access, it needs to be activated.

When a user has deactivated Google account, it can be reactivated easily by signing-in to the account. The steps are as follows:

  • Browse the login page of Google account.
  • Enter the username or password for the account and click Next.
  • Then, enter the password on the next page.
  • With correct credentials, the user will be able to login to the account.
  • Enter the login info and it will be reactivated.

If there is an issue or the user has forgotten the password for the Google account, the google account recovery process needs to be followed. Once the password is recovered, it can be used for reactivating the Google account.

Query 2: How to fix Google app crashing on iPad?


Although iPads are generally very stable and compatible with all apps. But sometimes the Google app starts crashing. It could be due to corrupted iOS, non-compatible apps, outdated version of chrome, etc.

  • A user can try rebooting the device as it will refresh the settings and the issue might get resolved.
  • One more way to fix the issue is to quit and re-launch the Chrome app.
  • In some cases, the issue gets resolved by updating the Chrome app.
  • Updating the iOS to later version might resolve the issue.
  • If nothing works, the user can delete the Chrome app and re-install it after sometimes. It will be restarted with new settings.

For this people can be contacted at any time to Google recovery department as the account services are available round the clock.

Query 3:Why Google unable to recognize a password?


Know the reasons for Why Google unable to recognize a password

Google users face different kinds of issues, not recognizing a password is one of them. Sometimes, when you try for the Google account login, not recognizing password notification appears instead. Whenever Google is incapable of recognizing a login password, it will create sign-in difficulty for the user. Therefore, if you wish to know the reasons why Google is unable to recognize a password, kindly refer to the points discussed below:

    • Google may not recognize your password if you are typing it with caps lock on, hence check for it.
    • Google may sometime unable to recognize a password, when you are sign-in via third party app.
    • Google also may not identify a password when the app or operating system is outdated.
    • Google may not recognize a password, when it is asking for the device permission by entering the 16 digit app password.

However, creating a new password via Google account recovery is the only choice left at last. You can get the assistance from the Google support regarding google account recovery glitches.

Query 4: How do I recover my Google account after too many attempts?


Learn on how do I recover my Google account after too many attempts?

Google account recovery is pretty most important for everyone when they lost their connectivity with their account. The connectivity is the log-in using its correct email address and password. So if you lost it you can find difficulty in front of you in accessing your account therefore it is important to recover Google account using its alternate email address, mobile phone number, security questions, and so on. If you still face any trouble in Google account recovery after so many attempts, you need to understand the basic concept to resolve this glitch at the earliest.

It is your task to check with the internet connection and then you must see the verification code to verify your account. If you still find something wrong, you can try the Google support page where you have to enter the email address of Google account and then contact its google account recovery executive who will provide you exact details to recover your Google account appropriately.  

Query 5 : How to recover Google Contacts?


Learn simple ways to recover Google contacts instantly

Google account is used by everyone with its correct email address and password. But sometimes what happened people unable to access their Google contacts despite entering the appropriate mobile phone number with the contact’s name. So if you are facing such kind of trouble and looking for assistance, you need to learn the simple advice and tutorial to recover entire Google contact easily.

Following are the ways for Google recovery contacts instantly:

  • At first, turn on your phone and go to the settings app and then tap on the GOOGLE button showing on the same screen.
  • Go to the settings and click on the service button and then select the Google account to choose with its account’s contacts.
  • You can tap on the phone button and select the contacts showing on the same page and select all of them.
  • You can click on the copy button and then make a backup file to store all contacts together and click on the restore button shown into the contact file finally.

Further, if you want help in connection with Google account recovery, you should frankly call support team is available to provide proper solution at any time.

Query 6 : How do I restore my Google Authenticator to a new phone


What is the process of restoring the Google Authenticator to a new phone?

Whenever you switch to the new phone, whether iPhone or Android, you need to make your account secure by restoring the Google Authenticator to your new phone, you can make it work by following the steps that we are mentioning below.

The process of restoring the Google Authenticator:

  • The process starts by installing the Google Authenticator on the new device. You can install it either on your iPhone or Android.

  • You will need your computer. Then, you will have to open your Google 2-step verification page in the browser, and then you can log into your Google account when you get the notification. You will have to tap on the “Change phone” option in the “Authenticator app” section of the page.

  • You can choose the kind of phone that you are migrating, and then you need to tap on Next.

  • You need to open Google Authenticator on your new phone and follow the prompts to scan the barcode.

  • At last, you will have to click on “Setup” and then on “Scan a barcode.”

  • After doing the scanning, you will have to enter the one-time code to see if it is working.

These are the steps that are necessary for restoring the Google authenticator. You can ask the procedure by contacting the Google account recovery customer support team. They can also help you in Google account recovery process.

Query 7: Can I Call Google to Recover My Account?


When you can't access your Google account as you can't remember the password, you can reset your account. The process is very simple yet you see any hassle while doing so, you can contact the Google recovery support in different ways; phone call, email, live chat, Google support page, Community Forums.

But if you want to talk to a live person at Google, you can dial the Google account recovery number to get in touch with the technical experts. Once your call is connected, you can explain your situation and get an instant and reliable solution from the support team. They are available 24*7 to assist you not only to recover your Google account but also, you can ask for any kind of help to access your Google account without much of a stretch.

Query 8: What to Do If Google Account Recovery Verification Does Not Work?


Rarely, it happens that you see any problem with your Google account verification to recover an account. Nevertheless, you see such a problem; you don't need to worry as you can get rid of it by performing the given steps:

  • To begin with, reach out to the Google account recovery page on your browser.

  • Then enter your email address and click Next.

  • Also, if you remember the last password of your account use it to recover your account. Otherwise, click the Try another way option.

  • After that, you'll see the phone number linked to your account, select it to get a code to verify your ownership.

  • Besides, via text message, you will get a verification code, enter the code in the given field, and click Continue.

  • Next, in the password reset sections, fill in the new password that you want to set, type again the same password to confirm the password.

  • Once you confirm the password, you need to click the Save Changes option to finish the process.

  • After doing so, you should try to log in to your Google account using the new password and check if it is working fine.

Now, you'll not be worrying about the verification code to recover your Google account. In case, things go south and you still stuck at the same point, don't delay and instantly contact the Google account recovery support. Moreover, you can connect with customer service over a phone call to fix all Google issues.

Query 9:- How Do I Fix If My Google Recovery Email is Wrong?


Are you trying to recover your Google account using your google account recovery email address? But it is showing incorrect or wrong instead of entering the correct email address? Then you are required to fix this issue as soon as possible which is possible when you change the recovery email address of Google account through the below steps:

  • First of all, you are required to sign in to your Google account using your email address and password.

  • Click on the Personal Info section available at the left pane side.

  • Now click on Email under the Contact Info option.

  • Now you can click on the Edit option which is next to the entered email address which is showing wrong.

  • After that, enter a recovery email address of your choice that you wish to keep and then you are required to verify your email address.

  • Now you can follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

With the help of the above-given steps, you can fix the Google account recovery email which is showing incorrectly in a very simple manner. But in case you are still facing problem while following these steps, contact the recovery team of Google for reliable assistance.

Query 10:- Is Google supporting Pixel 2 or not?


As per the info provided on the official support page of Google, the user is not offered any Android version updates or security updates from October 2020. However, as per the recent update, the users are offered Google support for the Pixel 2 till April 2021.

Besides, for the users who have queries regarding the Pixel 2 services, they can reach out to Google account recovery via phone call, email support, or live chat assistance.

Thus, this is the complete info regarding the Pixel 2 support services of Google. So, go through the provided info carefully and make due changes or updates in apps to access uninterrupted Google services.

Question 11: Can anyone give access of Gmail account to someone else?


Yes, you can. Here’s how:

Select Settings.>Click on the Accounts and Import tab>Head to the Grant access to your account option.

Question 12: Is it possible to recover deleted google account?


Yes, you can recover your deleted account until 2-3 weeks. After that, it will become unrecoverable. To recover it, head to the google recovery page, and follow the on-screen account recovery steps to retrieve your deleted account. You can answer the Google security questions to recover it.

Question 13: What are the reasons of google verification code not received?


Below can be the possible reasons for this issue:

  • Mistyped or entered an incorrect email address or phone number

  • No internet connectivity

  • Issues from the server end

  • google account recovery verification code landing into Spam or Junk folders

Query 14: How to contact a Google representative to discuss the Google recovery problem?


Are you one of those who are failing to perform google account recovery and have no clue from where to seek assistance for the same? Then, it is suggested to the users that they feel free to reach out to the customer service and fix recovery issues in time.

To help out the users, Google has introduced various options to reach out to support representatives that include live chat sessions or seeking help from the support by sending an email. Be it any contact option, the user can seek prompt assistance from the support without any worries.

Query 15: How to activate Google gravity?


To activate Google gravity, the user can follow the below-mentioned steps:

On the device open the search homepage of Google> Here, search for Google gravity, and instead of clicking on the search tab> click on I'm feeling so lucky to activate the same. 


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    No issue joney, another and best option is google account recovery by phone call, However you know that Google is the company that is gaining a lot of profit by the services that it is providing to the users. The services like Google Maps, Google voice assistant and many others are available for the users to make their life easy. One such service is Google email that is now a good way of communication with the users. But what if you forgot your password and are looking for the recovery?

    The recovery of the Google account can be done by the following steps. However, you can also go for Google account recovery by phone call. Let us see the steps:

    • Visit the Google recovery page and click next
    • You have to enter the last password and click on “‘Try a different question.” If not.
    • Try answering the question if you remember or click on a different one.
    • You will get the access via secondary email address. Just enter the same and then click on Next.
    • Open the email address and click on the link sent by Google. You will find the security code and you will be redirected to the recovery page.
    • Now, you can create a new password.
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    Well, Tom, recovering a Google account is a very simple task. But, there are users who have queries regarding Google account recovery for iPhone. So, in order to resolve this issue in time, here is the simple procedure that one can follow to recover their Google account easily on their iPhone.

    • To initiate Google recovery process on the iPhone, the user is required to open the Safari browser.
    • Further, open the Google sign-in page to move ahead with the recovery process.
    • Now, the user is required to provide their username and click on the Next button.
    • Then, the user will be prompted to enter the password of their Google account where they need to click on Forgot password option.
    • After that, the user will be directed to the Google recovery page where they need to select a recovery mode.
    • Thereafter, the user will be provided with a verification code which they need to enter when prompted.
    • After the account is verified, the user can easily reset the password.
    • And with the end of this process, the user can easily recover their Google account on iPhone.
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    The steps to get back your Google account can be stated below.

    1. Open the your web browser and then go to Google account.

    2. Enter the username and then tap “Next”.

    3. The user is then required to tap on the “Forgot Password” option which is at the bottom of the page.

    4. The user will be redirected to Google recovery page where he is required to select any one recovery option.

    5. As you do not have the phone number linked to the account, you can select any of the two options.

    6. If you select the option of recovery using the security question then the security question will be displayed in front of you which you select at the time of creating the account.

    7. Answer the question correctly and the user can click “OK”.

    8. If the user has selected the option of recovery using email then check the recovery email linked to the account.

    9. Check the verification code displayed on the recovery email and enter the same in the screen and tap “Next”.

    10. Google will then allow to create a new password. Hence, enter the password that is strong and unique so that you do not get confused and tap “OK”.

    11. Re-enter the password again and then tap “Confirm”.

    12. The password is changed successfully and the user can log into the account to check the new password.

    Thus, the steps above conclude that the user can still go with Google account recovery without phone number.


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    There are many Google users who have a query on how long does the Google account recovery takes? Generally, one can easily recover their Google account within 5-10 minutes by following a simple recovery process. But, in case, if the user no longer have access to the recovery email and phone number, the user can request for CNAME change request which can take upto 72 hours depending on the situation. Hence, in short you can say that one can easily recover their Google account within 2 days.

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