• How to do Google Account Recovery using Security Questions?
    Tuesday, 20 September, 2022

    Google Account Recovery using Security Questions

    How to recover Google Account Recovery using Security Questions

    In the past few years, Google has provided its customers with multiple services and products to make online surfing simple. However, in order to access these services, it is required that the users have created a Google account.

    Well, creating a Google account is a very simple task, but the trickiest task is how one can ensure the security of that particular account. Besides, in order to ensure the security of the Google account, developers have introduced various security features and recovery options that if a user loses access to their account can easily recover it quickly.

    For the convenience of the users, Google has introduced various modes of recovery, which include Google account recovery by security question. So, in case, if the user loses access to any of the recovery options, one can easily recover their account by any of the alternatives.

    Further, to help out the users with the recovery process, here is the simple procedure on Google account recovery by security question. All you need is to follow the provided steps carefully to recover your Google account quickly and in time.

    Steps to recover Google Account using security questions

    And with the completion of this process, the procedure on Google account recovery by security question is completed. Hence, follow the simple steps provided and quickly access your Google account and enjoy uninterrupted services.

    • Visit Google account recovery page.
    • And to initiate the process, the user needs to enter the email address of the particular Google account that they wish to recover.
    • After that, the user is required to skip all the recovery option till they reach the recovery using security question option.
    • Further, the user is required to select that particular option and proceed.
    • Thereafter, provided with the security questions that they need to answer for Google account recovery.
    • Once the account is verified, the user will be provided with a link to reset their Google account password.

    And then, the user can easily reset the password of their Google account and access their Google account.

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