• Google Search not Working in Iphone?How to fix
    Friday, 2 July

    Google Search not Working in Iphone

    How to Fix The Google Search Is Not Working On My iPhone Issue?

    Google search is an incredibly useful method that provides relevant information to all its users. It gives quality results on the internet just by tapping the search results option on the iPhone. This is one of the most important elements for searching on the internet. Millions use Google to search relevant results on the internet which they can use to contact its customer service team. This online search makes our life easy but it sometimes becomes difficult due to some technical failures on the iPhone.

    Use These Steps To Ensure Google Search Not Working On iPhone

    • Before anything, you need to use the strong and flawless internet connection on the iPhone.

    • Open the notification bar and enable the network on it so that the Google search works on it.

    • If it is not working properly even after this, try clearing up the cache from the iPhone on its settings.

    • Stay in the settings and check for the accuracy of the DNS settings and change its configuration.

    • Try to change the browser on your iPhone and employ Google search on it to find relevant results.

    • In the end, update the software of the OS of your iPhone and use the updated version of that to fix any bug.

    You can easily obtain the solution of the problem that you are encountering on the iPhone. It is possible to troubleshoot any issue on the device by using appropriate methods. To know more about Google Search Not Working On iPhone, contact the trusted technician that helps you to restore the functionality of this online search. Apart from that, use the basic yet effective troubleshooting methods on the iPhone to improve the search results.

    Useful Methods To Resolve Google Search Not Functioning On iPhone

    You can also modify the iPhone if the online search is not working on it and ensure that you can easily fix that with the use of the following methods.

    • Turn Off Airplane Mode. This mode prohibits the Wi-Fi and mobile network to work properly. Thus, you should check it carefully and turn it off by using this process; Unlock iPhone > Settings App > Tap on Airplane Mode.

    • Restart Google App On iPhone. You can also try to restart the iPhone or upgrade its software. This helps you to restore the proper functioning of the Google search on your device and use that properly.

    • Turn Off Your iPhone. Google search sometimes does not work on the iPhone as it is sometimes not working on it. You can easily resolve its problem by restarting your device.

    • Use Mobile Data. You can also make use of mobile data to search for a result on the internet. This service is useful as it enables you to use Google search on its iPhone.

    With the use of the above details, you can easily resolve any technical fault on the iPhone. If you are also encountering the Google Search Not Working On iPhone issue, contact the Apple customer service. Dial the helpline number and connect with the Apple live person and gain the relevant and useful details.


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