• How do I speak to a Live Person at Facebook Customer Service?
    Tuesday, 31 January

    How do: 9 Ways to Speak to a Live Person at Facebook Customer Service

    How do I contact the Facebook live person

    In the past few years, social media platforms have gained immense popularity among users especially, Facebook. Known for offering the users the best of the services, there are times when users fail to access the account because of technical glitches or forgotten password issues. Be it any reason, one can still easily manage to resolve those issues in time by using basic troubleshooting solutions.

    However, some users have reported that they have failed to resolve the Facebook issues in time even after multiple attempts. So, in such situations, the users are suggested to reach out to the live person for assistance and get their issues resolved in time. Besides, for the users who are not aware of the process to reach out to the live person on Facebook, one can check out the details provided here.

    How does a live person help in resolving Facebook issues in time?

    Before resolving the queries of the users On how do i speak to a live person at facebook, let's know a bit about the live person services of Facebook.

    Well, for the users who are not aware, the live person at Facebook is a support representative who has expertise in resolving various issues related to Facebook. And the best part about this service is that the user can access it anytime and anywhere. And to help the user get a clear idea, here is the list of the services that one can seek by reaching out to the live person:

    • Assistance to recover the Facebook account 

    • Details about the Facebook policies and procedures

    • Help for modifying the account settings 

    • Resolving not loading and responding issue with Facebook

    • And other Facebook-related problems

    So, these are the few services that one can seek by reaching out to the live person on Facebook. And for the users who are failing to find details On how do i talk to a live person at facebookthey can check out the process to contact the live person discussed below. 

    Are you facing issues while using Facebook and do not know how to get it resolved? Then you shall not panic. Every company offers assistance and help to its customers on the separate customer service branch. And Facebook is not different. Facebook also has a dedicated branch to help users deliver resolutions and information. And this assistance is given by live persons saving users time. To know how do I speak to a live person at Facebook you can follow the information below.

    9 ways to Get in Touch with Facebook Live Experts!

    1 Method: By Facebook Live Phone Number:

    You can contact live person at any time by calling  on the number stated on the website.When you connected via call then share your problems with agent.

    2 Method: By Facebook Chat Support:

    In case you need any information related to Facebook or any of its services then you can also choose chat support. Users who are shy or hesitant to have a live conversation with experts can also choose this option. 

    3 Method: By Facebook Email Support:

    Users whose issues are going on for a long time and have not got any update can move to email support. 

    4 Method: By Contact Facebook by Direct Contact Forms

    When users face any Facebook problem, they can contact Facebook through contact forms. It is almost the same as sending an email, but you will get replies faster from user support through contact forms. Here are the links to the form for different queries:

    When a user's account is disabled

    When a user's advertising account is disabled

    If your Facebook page is disoriented

    Facing problems while making payments for donations and game

    Your email address is already in use

    When your posts, message, or stories are not visible after reactivating the account

    To give feedback to Facebook

    Report a user for sexual abuse

    When you want to report human slavery

    Breaking the privacy of a user

    Report breaching your copyright

    Report breaching your trademark

    When you want to report a bug

    Complaint about "page unavailable" error

    When your group or page is unavailable

    5 Method: By Contact Facebook by Send a Letter

    Facebook allows their user to send a physical letter directly to them. You have to write down your concern or query and send it to Meta Headquarters on one hacker way, Menlo Park.

    6 Method: By Contact Facebook by Tweet on Facebook

    If you want to connect with Facebook through Twitter, then don't worry. Find all the links to official Twitter accounts on Facebook here:

    Meta: https://twitter.com/Meta

    Facebook App: https://twitter.com/facebookapp

    Facebook Gaming: https://twitter.com/FacebookGaming

    Facebook Messenger: https://twitter.com/messenger

    Facebook Messenger for Kids: https://twitter.com/MessengerKids

    Facebook Security: https://twitter.com/fbsecurity

    Meta for Business: https://twitter.com/MetaforBusiness

    Meta for Creators: https://twitter.com/MetaforCreators

    Meta Engineering: https://twitter.com/fb_engineering

    Meta Newsroom: https://twitter.com/MetaNewsroom

    Meta Portal: https://twitter.com/metaportal

    Meta Tech: https://twitter.com/techatfacebook

    7 Method: By Find Facebook Employees on LinkedIn

    You can connect to an employee of Facebook on Linkedin. The list of Facebook's employees is mentioned on this webpage https://www.linkedin.com/company/meta/people/; it is not covenanted that you will get a reply from an employee.

    8 Method: By Ask A Question on Facebook

    People can easily get solution for their queries by asking the question on FB commuity

    9 Method: By Contact Facebook by Business and Partner Support

    If you have a business account, you can talk to a customer care executive with the help of a live chat service. This service is only available for business accounts. To contact the user support of the Facebook, read the steps given below:

    1. First of all, open commerce manager and log in to your account.
    2. Navigate to the education tab and then click on contact support
    3. Then select either chat or email from the page.
    4. If you have selected the chat option, then messenger will open. Select your query and explain it within 700 words.
    5. And if you have selected the email option, compose a mail and send it to the email address.

    With the different platforms stated above, users are free to use any platform when contacting a Facebook live person for information or resolution.

    IVR Procedure to reach out to live person at Facebook for assistance

    To contact the live person for assistance, the user needs to follow the IVR instructions mentioned below to seek prompt assistance for their issues:

    1. To begin the process to get a human at Facebook, the user needs to dial the toll-free number of Facebook ie- 650-543-4800 and wait for the IVR to be launched.
    2. User can press 2 for law enforcement.
    3. User can press 3 for business development and advertising.
    4. User can press 4 or 5 for marketing and editorial issues. 
    5. User can press 6 for employee verification.
    6. User can press 7 to leave a message for the Facebook live person regarding the technical issue they are facing. 
    7. And then, the user can contact the live person regarding their issue or reach out to the specified department to seek assistance. 
    8. After that, the user will be provided with the required help to fix their Facebook issues and access the account services. 
    9. Alternatively, the user can press 0 to leave a message when the issue does not concern any of the departments or the user doesn't wish to leave a message.

    Thus, this is the complete information on how do I speak to a live person at Facebook customer service. So, the users seeking info on the same can make use of the provided information and manage their Facebook activities accordingly. 

    To know how you can make use of this platform or how to talk to real person at facebook you can follow the steps below.

    Steps to Know How to Contact Facebook Live Person using Contact us!

    1. Start by calling on the customer service phone number that is stated on Facebook website. For users who are hesitant in calling can contact 650-543-4800 or choose agents chat support by tapping on the “Contact Us” option from Facebook. 

    2. And when you get greetings from the experts, they will be asking your concern. Make sure that you explain your concern for which you contacted them. 

    3. They will ask you to wait as your issue will be reviewed.

    4. Check the same if your issue is resolved or not. Then you can share the feedback for it. 

    After following the steps mentioned above, you come to know how to get in touch with a Facebook live person to resolve any issue. The benefits of contacting this customer support are also discussed below.


    Facebook Reviews – More than 40K

    Facebook Rating*⭐ ⭐ – Based on multiple sources

    Users-Increase 2.94 billion monthly active users

    Available in- 112 languages

    Most Search Links

    Recover Facebook
    Reporting a Problem
    Facebook Help
    Contacts to Facebook

    Some Related Questions & Answers

    Q: Can I Talk to Live Person at Facebook?


    How do Speak to someone at Facebook Customer Service:

    You can get in touch with the live person at Facebook by dial customer service contact number 650-543-4800,650-308-7300 or 402-543-4800 (USA unofficial Number) and follow IVR menu.To directly speak with a representative you can press 4, response time can be 5-10 minute as per the availability of agents.

    If one is willing to connect through facebook official site one needs to log - into their respective Account . There will be one who will select ‘’ help and support from the Drop down option which is available on official site.

    Another way to contact live representatives of Facebook to choose chat support. For this visit https://www.facebook.com/messenger/ and start chat with live person about your problems.

    Q- How to contact Facebook via Phone?

    Reply :

    Facebook does not have own phone support facility,so to get in touch with a live person by phone is difficult.Alternative phone number you can choose for Meta Facebook is 650-543-4800 or try 402-543-4800 (not official).

    Alternative Ways: Facebook let you connect with all over the world through:

    1- Via Phone

    2- Via customer service phone number 650-543-4800

    3- Via Live Chat

    4- Via Social Media

    5- Via FB messenger

    6- Via posting messages on wall

    The live representatives of the FB network remain round the clock available to clear the queries of customers.

    Q- Is there any helpline number issued by the support team of Facebook

    If you are looking for any helpline number then no there is no helpline number issued by Facebook. However, people can access another way to find out how do I speak to a live person at Facebook customer service and that is the chat service.

    • Simply log in the Facebook account and then tap on the section of Help center and then find out about the issues related to Facebook.

    • You will find a chat option where you have to report the possible issue that you are facing and then you will getting the answer immediately.

    Q . Is there any feature of the chat on Facebook support?

    Reply: For all the people looking for the answers related to how do I reach a human at Facebook, you can reach out via chat service which is available on Facebook account. Tap for more detailed information.

    •  Log in the Facebook account and then tap on the section of account in the pop menu.

    • Now tap on help center alternative followed by entering one keyword in the search section which should be related to the query you are facing.

    • Next, browse all the results related to the Facebook account questions and choose one.

    • Now after selecting the exact problem your account is facing, tap on the link of contact Facebook.

    • Now a list of contacts will open up and you have to choose from the link available.

    • Now fill out the form and submit after which Facebook will reach out to you with the solution.

    Q: How to get in touch with Facebook to report a problem?


    • If you are facing any problem related to Facebook then you can take the help of following alternatives to reach out to one common solution.

    • You can totally contact Facebook to report that you have lost the password. In this case, you can choose the option of account recovery information such as alternative email, phone number or security questions.

    • You can report to Facebook if your account has been locked or disabled for violating any law or policies.

    • You can even approach the Facebook account team through help center app for fixing the common errors occurring on a daily basis.

    • If you find any illicit activity on your Facebook account then you can even take the help of the report feature and then report that thing violating the terms and conditions of use.

    So people can communicate with Facebook live person 24/7. Through the social media giant FB you have option to post text on yours beloved walls and via live chat you can connect with each other around the world.You can report to Facebook through help section.

    Q: How to email Facebook team for any issue?

    Reply: If you are going through any issue on Facebook then you can even write an email to the customer support team.

    • All you need is to go back to the help center option of Facebook and then type in any particular keyword related to the exact issue bugging you and then you can get the solution.

    • And that’s all how users can have transparent communication with the Facebook customer support team and then you will be done.

    Q- How user can restore access to their Facebook account?

    Reply: For the users who lost access to their Facebook and want to get their account back, here are some of the steps that one can follow.

    1. Open the Find my account page of Facebook to begin the process.

    2. Provide the email id or phone number linked to the account and click on search.

    3. From the list, pick the Facebook account that needs recovery.

    4. Further, select a recovery option like send a code on the phone. 

    5. After that, to complete the verification process, provide the code received. 

    6. And after the account is verified, the user can create a new password and restore access to the Facebook account. 

    Q- How to verify identity on Facebook?

    Reply: To confirm the identity on Facebook, the user needs to follow these steps:

    • Click on confirm identity button present on the verifying identity page.

    • Now, from the list of IDs pick one that needs to be uploaded.

    • Further, upload the picture of the ID and click on the Proceed button. 

    • After that, the user will get notified by Facebook to confirm identity verification. 

    Q- How to speak to someone at the Facebook help center?

    Reply- Do you have queries regarding Facebook services or need assistance to fix an issue? Then, you can contact the live person at Facebook support to get your issues resolved in time. And for users who don't know how to reach out to a live person, here are the instructions that one can follow.

    1. Dial the toll-free support number of Facebook and wait for the automated announcement.

    2. Further, Press # with 4 and pick an option to contact the live person directly.

    3. Now, describe the issue and seek prompt resolutions. 

    However, if the user still has queries Like how do i speak to a live person at facebook, they can visit the help center page to seek all the required information. 

    Q- How long does it take for FB to respond to a report?

    Reply: Being locked out from your account, be it a business or personal, can be immensely frustrating, which is understandable. You want to log into your account, but the Facebook account review can take a while, with no status or notifications, adding to one’s frustration.

    Facebook does provide resolution, but with no specific time frame. Users can find their resolution within a few hours or days, while some may take weeks or sometimes even months. Lastly some users can be found to be waiting indefinitely, with Facebook not unlocking their account.

    Q: Does Facebook respond when you report a problem?

    Reply: It depends. Facebook recommends that you allow at least forty eight hours for a response.

    However, the situation remains contingent basis the type of problem. One should avoid filing a review request in case their initial issue has not been resolved yet. It consequently has adverse effects on your account activity leading to potential flagging of it.

    Q:How do I report a photo of me on Facebook?

    Reply: If someone is tagged in something which they do not approve of, they can remove themselves from that tag. This is one of the first things one can do. If one finds a photograph or a video of themselves that should be removed, they can fill in a form. The report shall be reviewed and appropriate action shall be initiated at the earliest in consonance with Facebook community standards. This is how do I speak to a live person at Facebook for report a photo of me on Facebook issue.

    Q- How do I report someone anonymously on Facebook

    Reply: One has to log -in to their facebook and look for the offending person’s timeline .Then do click on the setting gear of the facebook timeline attached to the message button .Do click on report /block option do click continue do look for a reason why you wish to connect . Do click on continue do add description why you wish to report on timeline .click on ‘’ I confirm the report is correct to my knowledge ‘’ and click continue .

    Thus following steps will guide you ‘’ How can one talk to a live person at facebook ‘’.

    Q- How do I chat with the Facebook support team?

    Reply- For conducting a chat session with Facebook, you just need to go to the official support page. After going to the official support page. You have to tap the option of “Chat With a Representative”. As you tap, the option chat gets connected with you. The availability of service remains round the clock.

    Q-What gets you banned from Facebook?

    Reply: If your Facebook account is banned from Facebook then certain things are responsible for the same. Let us consider some of the options that may contribute to getting your Facebook account banned.

    • Posting content that does not abide by the terms and conditions released by Facebook. For instance, if you p[ost a Hate speech then there are chances of getting your account banned by the social media platform that Facebook is.
    • If you are consistently active on the application it may also lead you towards your account ban. Also, sharing a lot of posts may also result in the same situation.
    • If you happen to have a Fake name for your profile then it is likely that your Facebook account will get banned by Facebook.

    Q-Can i talk or get a hold of FB?

    All right, people can connect and get hold on at Facebook live person at any time. The social media platform of Facebook lets connect with all around the world via sending message request to your friends or posting text on member's walls .

    In order to get an answer to how do I get a hold of FB ,users are required to give a call on the customer service helpline number.

    I hope this also helps with How do I speak to a live person on Facebook. It is highly recommended to get in touch with the customer service professionals through a call by giving a call on the Facebook phone number. For more details, users are recommended to visit the official support page on Facebook. 

    Q: How do I speak to someone at Facebook Business Support?

    Facebook is undoubtedly an essential platform for your business. Many businesses are dependent on Facebook support. There can be a requirement when you need to connect with the Facebook customer service. For that, you need to make sure that you follow the steps given below. So, in case you’re thinking, “How do I get in touch with Facebook about business support?” Then you only need to go through the easy steps below.

    Procedure to connect with the Facebook business support:

    1. Sign in to the Facebook business account. 

    2. Now you would need to go on the link - www.facebook.com/business/resources

    3. Once you’re on the homepage of this link. Now scroll down and tap on the button “Chat.”

    4. Below the chat option, you’ll also find the estimated waiting time to connect with the executive. 

    5. After performing the above steps, then on the next page, you’ll see the same options. 

    6. Select the options related to your query. After that, mention your question in brief. 

    7. Now click on start chat. 

    That is it. Soon, your chat will be transferred to a live person from the business support team.

    Q- How do I contact Facebook if my account is disabled?

    Reply- There are times when you cannot access your Facebook account. At that time, it will be better to connect with the Facebook customer service. The Facebook live agents will guide you throughout the process and provide an excellent solution after it. Here are some ways to contact them.

    1- Via phone

    2- Via chat

    3- Via help center

    Q- Does Facebook notify you if they suspend your account?

    Reply: Suspending the Facebook account is a disappointing act by Facebook. It stops the usage of the account, after which the user faces a problem in reaccessing it. If Facebook sees some suspicious and illegal activity on your account, it will suspend it forever. However, you will get proper notice before stopping your account. But sometimes, users get to know about the account suspension when they try to log in. To get the depth information about it, you can contact the Facebook live agents and get the information. They will provide you with outstanding information that will help you out. Also, you can reach them through multiple modes of communication, and there is no time barrier for it. Contact them at any time and get the answer to any of your Facebook-related questions like how do I speak to a live person at Facebook.

    Q- Does Facebook have live help?

    Reply: Facebook is reliable in perfectly providing you with specific support and service for your account. Hence, if you want to get live assistance using its phone call and live chat, you must visit the Facebook help center page. If you want to use its live chat, you must have a business account and secure brilliant support from a live person who can assist you at any time. If you wish to know the Facebook live help or can i talk to a live person at Facebook?, you can independently use its email service, phone call, and live chat that you can use at your suitable time decently.

    Not directly, but you can contact or speak with Facebook representative via 650-543-4800 or 402-543-4800 (USA unofficial) or join FB help center group https://www.facebook.com/groups/contactfbsupport/ to get real time solution.

    If you want to secure your Facebook account to avoid unnecessary hiccups, get in touch with its live customer service team is available to oblige you soon. You can go to the official page of the Facebook account help center and seek various modes to contact its customer service team provides you specific advice and solution using live help ideally. So it is evident that Facebook provides live help at your convenient time.

    Q- What is the difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite?

    Reply: Suppose, as a regular user of Facebook, you wish to switch over Facebook Lite. In that case, you will have to know about the difference between the both because accordingly, you will get operations fulfilled over your device, and it consists of some points.
    The main difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite is its size. Facebook only takes 2.19MB of space, and the regular space of Facebook is around 167MB
    Facebook will consume more off RAM CPU power, and on the other hand, Facebook Lite is designed so that it will use less RAM and CPU power, give a smoother experience on a cheaper, and work on older phones.

    Q- How do I contact Facebook Help Center Now?

    Reply: For cases like where you cannot have access to your Facebook account or how do i talk to a live person at Facebook, then use contact facebook, options by which you will get help without any issue.

    1. First of all, you need to log into your account. 
    2. Now you will have to look up at the top right of the screen. 
    3. Here you see a little question mark inside a circle. 
    4. Further press over it and from there within the dropdown menu 
    5. Select report a problem option 

    Wherein you get four clickable options for choosing the appropriate problem.

    Q- Does Messenger work without phone service?

    Reply- Facebook Messenger is a social media application offering you to chat, call freely which is basically linked to your Facebook account. So, regardless of the fact that you are active on your Facebook or not, if your account is linked with your messenger, you can any time send a personal message or chat with your people.

    Now, many of you ask whether messenger works without phone service or not, so to let you know, yes. Messenger does work without phone service. To do video calls, to chat with your friends, you do not require any particular phone contact number. All you need is an internet connection and obviously an account on messenger. call the Facebook messenger.

    Q- Can you 3-way call on Facebook?

    Reply- Recently, Facebook has introduced Special features like Video calls, calls, and of course a group chat. So, if you are thinking about whether you can 3 way call Facebook or not, for your information, yes, you can surely make a conference call through a group chat service of Facebook. Here you will know how it works.

    1. Download the latest version of Facebook on any of your devices.
    2. You can start a conversation by dialing and calling someone on a group video chat or call.
    3. As you can add up to 6 people at a time, check it out as per your preference.

    Now, Tap on the video icon or a call icon to start a group conversation.
    You can also ring a whole existing group for a call.

Most Asked Queries

  • What is touch Facebook?

    Facebook Touch is the upgraded and better version of the usual Facebook mobile website. It is based on HTML5 or H5 markup language. It is specifically made for Tablets and smartphones screen. Facebook Touch is better at graphics display and has a more user-friendly interface. Other reasons that make touch Facebook better, such as the images in Facebook Touch can be viewed in high resolution and at a faster loading speed. Touch Facebook doesn’t stop because of the poor internet connectivity and provides the best services ever to its users. And, the chat window, the photo width, all of it is awesome with Facebook Touch.

    Therefore, as stated above and above, Facebook Touch is the better and upgraded version of Facebook. And the users feel more comfortable while accessing Facebook Touch.

    What is the new Facebook Lite?

    Facebook lite is another official app of Facebook. It is made for less RAM and CPU power. The app is officially made to take up less space in your smartphones. Facebook lite weighs around 1.59 Mb, 96.5% less space from the usual Facebook device. It still gives you a smoother experience on cheaper and less powerful phones. It even works on older phones. So, all in all, it is made for users' convenience.

    Which country can I download Facebook Lite?

    Many countries enable the download of Facebook Lite, and the smartphones produced in those countries support the Facebook Lite application. The list includes New Zealand, the US, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Ireland, and Canada. Also, if you face certain issues while downloading the application, you can get help from Facebook live agents. They are always available to help their passengers for complete days and nights. So, you can ask them and question whatever hinders you and gain their assistance.

  • ✔How do I Create Facebook Ads?

    1. Create an ad account
    2. Head over to Facebook Ads Manager
    3. Choose your objective
    4. Set your campaign budget
    5. Customize your target audience
    6. Choose your ad placements
    7. Create your advertisement

    Hopefully, your query is cleared. Enjoy your Facebook services.

  • How Do I Create My Facebook Account?

    Open Facebook.com in your Browser>click in create account>Fill First & Last Name>Your Mobile Number & Email Address>Create Strong Password>Fill Your Date of Birth>Fill Gender> Now Click on Sign Up.

  • What to do If my Facebook account is under review?

    If you have raised a review request for your Facebook account, you should wait until Facebook completes the review process using the different verification modes. It takes 24 hours to 7 days to review your request, and it also depends on the type of request you made on Facebook.

    Why is my Facebook account review taking so long?

    Due to the less availability of people due to the COVID pandemic, sometimes it takes a long time as expected. So, it would help if you waited for it or contact the Facebook customer service team using any preferred mode of communication. It can help to know the status of your review request for the blocked or hacked Facebook account.

    What do I do if someone is trying to hack my Facebook?
    There can be situations when Facebook users find any glitches and doubt their account is getting hacked. If this problem is causing big trouble for the user, they can go to their account setting and change their password. While changing the security password, remember to keep it strong enough not to get recognized.

    How do i fix if someone changed the recovery number on my Facebook account?

    To fix the Facebook account's recovery number, users must go to the ‘my account page. After that, select the ‘setting’ option, and go to the account recovery section. Enable the two-party authentication button. Change the number, add another number for recovery, and fix the issues. Even users can complain to the customer support of Facebook regarding the issues.

    How do i change cover photo on facebook?

    To make the profile look good, users keep updating their profile on their Facebook accounts. If there are specific changes they want to make regarding the profile, they might want to change their profile and cover picture. Sometimes they ask for help from facebook customer service, but its steps are simple. Users only have to right-click on the cover photo, and it will show a few options on the screen. Select ‘upload cover picture’ from the list. Choose the picture and set it according to your choice. The picture will be changed on the profile.

  • What should I do if I am unable to reach Facebook customer service?

    Well, Facebook offers world-class customer support to its users, but if you are not able to reach the customer service team regarding any problem, then make sure that you are using the proper way of connecting. You can use the multiple Facebook customer service options to help connect with a live representative, whether a phone number or live chat.

    Can I report someone who hacked my Facebook?

    Yes, you can simply report your Facebook page or account if you think someone has hacked it. You can go to the Help Center page and then report the problems under the section Hacked Accounts, where you can also attach the file or documents related to your Facebook account or query.

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  • I need help I have sent multiple request to Facebook about my account being hacked and no one will respond to me please I have valuable pictures of my grandma who passed- I have informed that the person that has my account left my email on my account but turned on verification so I can’t get in cause I don’t have the code generator or way to verify other then my license and they need to be removed please the only email that should be is ydeloach78@gmail.com
  • Wes Lee | Monday, 2 May, 2022
  • I've had the same facebook page for around 15 years. One day I tried logging in, but a message came up and told me I violated something or another and that my page was disabled. They told me I could ask for this issue to be reviewed. I immediately filed for a review. I waited and waited, never getting even an email from facebook about it. I even tried doing this twice. Now, it tells me I waited too long and that my page it completely disabled. I can no longer get to my groups. I made a temporary page to get back on facebook, but seeing as I was the only administrator in my groups that I have no moderators in, I can do nothing with them at all. I had close to 5,000 friends on my facebook page and my groups are also huge in numbers. I'm not willing to start over again. I need to get in touch with someone about this. I tried the facebook help page, but as usual, nothing ever happens with that. This is ridiculous!. I never even posted anything that would go against facebook's standards. I don't know if my page was hacked or not, but I need help with it. Please help if you can. Thanks!
  • Daniel Moloi | Thursday, 28 April, 2022
  • Hey,my number that is registered as primary got lost and was under my name,I can't perform sim swap,but on fb I have secondary number which I need to be primary so that I'll be able to receive log in codes and log in my account,please help

  • Tarun Maiti | Tuesday, 29 March, 2022
  • My facebook id is hacked please help me

  • Helen Branch | Friday, 25 February, 2022
  • I've tried everything and still can't get in touch with ne1! My account is locked

  • Mario Paulo | Friday, 25 February, 2022
  • Hi my name is Mario Paulo,I have a problem, some just hacked my Facebook account,so I did created a new one,I just wanted you guy can delete it

  • Ethel Bartle | Thursday, 24 February, 2022
  • Why are administrators on fb deleting our pictures

  • Kiran Yasser | Monday, 21 February, 2022
  • My Facebook has been hacked by somebody and they are using my Facebook I need my Facebook close down

  • Christina Porter | Monday, 14 February, 2022
  • How do u get back in to Facebook when it is lock u out

  • James Williams | Monday, 14 February, 2022
  • I got locked out of my Facebook and they ask me to confirm and send pic of drivers licence and I did then it said we will send u an email within 24 hours and I still have heard a word

  • Daniel Rigg | Monday, 14 February, 2022
  • Need help sum one has gains access to my account and I can’t log in no more what do I do

  • Lauren Bell | Monday, 24 January, 2022
  • I need to speak to a live agent

  • Julie Deschamps | Monday, 24 January, 2022
  • how do i change a private group to public please

  • mistey nora | Tuesday, 20 July, 2021
  • Map generally facebook customer service menus to connect with facebook live person. Unless you're are searching help on speak to live person with facebook and How? which is specific to countrywise facebook support number or you can also search via https://www.facebook.com/help page.

  • Live Blogger | Friday, 24 September, 2021
  • Yes, you can get in touch with facebook representative over the phone, email or live chat.Whenever you have required to talk with a live representative from facebook customer service, all need to dial toll free number . Once you connected with facebook customer service number, you can hear and easily reach the instructions from an automated call system until being your call transferred to a live person.

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