How to hide my Facebook Account(Profile) from Search?

Sometimes, there might be circumstances when the users operating on Facebook have not taken permission from their families to operate, especially the youngsters. In such situations, they ask queries regarding how to Hide My Facebook Account From Search? It has been a lot of trends in to use of social media, and every user is using Facebook for their entertainment.

Here are a few effective steps for the users who want to hide their Facebook account from the search list:

Tips to hide Facebook account from the search:

  1. Deactivate the account

  2. Adjust the privacy setting

  3. Block the users

Many users know how to create an account on Facebook but are unaware of getting in hiding from the other users searching their accounts. These tips will help them to hide their account from the Facebook search list:

Deactivate the account to Hide Facebook Account from Search:

The first tip is deactivating the account. It is a temporary deleting of an account that any user can use. In this, users can deactivate their account for a while and then again activate it when they want to use it. Here are the steps that they can follow to deactivate the account:

  • Log in to Facebook using your username and password.

  • Go to the setting option of your accounts. Tap on the ‘security&privacy’ setting option. 

  • Next, tap on the ‘edit’ button, and deactivate the account created.

  • It will ask the reason for the deactivation of the account. Give the reason and then confirm the deactivation. 

Adjust the privacy setting to Hide Facebook Account from Search:

There are more reasons why users who are easily operating their accounts want to hide themselves from the search list. Here is another process: they generally do not have to deactivate the account but follow a few privacy settings. The points are as follows:

  • Users must log in to their Facebook account using mobile application or the official website.

  • After logging in, go to your account's ‘setting’ option. There will be a list that will appear on the screen.

  • Click on the ‘privacy’ option on the left side of the menu list.

  • Try to hide all your posts and tags that you have enabled for the other users.

  • Also, try to go through the tagging of the posts, and set it only for you, and nobody can tag anything on your timeline. 

  • Select the ‘edit’ section of the posts, and try to set it on the ‘only me’ option. 

Block the users to Hide Facebook Account from Search:

If there are any issues with the users regarding the other users going through their profile and timeline, they can block them, and they will be unable to search them on Facebook. 

  • Go to the account of the users.

  • Click on the three dots on the below section of their profile. 

Tap on the ‘block’ option, and the person will get blocked from any search regarding your account. 



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