Just follow these steps to install ubuntu operating system on your devices!!

Ubuntu as we all know is an operating system that is being used by numerous number of people now a days on their computer and laptops. It has everything that the users want in any operating system. Be it office suites, browser, email services and many more. These features of Ubuntu has made it popular among people and now people from all over the world are using it tremendously.

But many a times people who are using chromebooks gets difficulty in installing ubuntu on their chromebooks. For this the users just need to follow certain steps and they’ll successfully be able to install it for their work.

Steps to install ubuntu on chromebook!

  • First of all the users need to get enabled the developer mode on their chromebook.

  • Ones the developer mode is enabled the users will get an access to the Linux terminal.

  • The users then need to download as well as install the Crouton.

  • After the Crouton has been downloaded the users need to press ctrl+alt+T so that the crosh terminal gets opened.

  • Then the users need to optimize their desktop of Linux for their chromebook.

  • Now just follow the instructions that are shown on the screen.

  • And hence, you’ll be able to install ubuntu on your

Installing ubuntu requires the above mentioned steps that are easy to follow but f the users face any issue then they can simply contact the concerned representatives and can seek help and support from them.


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