How to Recover Google Account Password without Using Phone Number or Alternate Email Id

Simple steps to change Google account password without using alternate email id and phone number

Google is one of the giant search engines who provides search results within seconds precisely in microseconds. It's the fastest search engine that not only limited with its search engine service but also offers a number of services to its users. And most amazingly, all of its services can be accessed with only one Google accounts, the user does not require to have multiple user accounts to avail multiple services offered by Google.

How to Recover Google Account Password without Using Phone Number

Google offers simple to access services facilitating with user-friendly features even if they find any glitch with Google services then the users can resolve the glitch without much of stretch. Also sometimes, it has been noticed that a user might face trouble in changing Google account password and a question start to swirl in their mind how to recover Google account password without using phone number, as some of the users are not aware of the steps to change the Google Account password. This article is composed to give them a simple pathway to reach out their tiniest goal of changing Google password.

How to recover Google password without using alterate email ID

If you are looking out for some information to resolve Google account changing email password and troubled with the thought how to recover Google account password without using alternate email id, then, simply follow the given steps.

  • First and foremost, the user needs to navigate to the Google account recovery page.
  • Then the user needs to enter the Google account email ID, after that, the user will require to click on the Next button.
  • In addition, the user will have to fill in the previous password if he or she remembers, if not, then, click on the 'Try another way' option.
  • Thereafter, the user should opt for 'Security Questions' option from the given choices in order to recover Google account.
  • As the user needs to recover the Google account through the Securit Questions, he or she would require to answer the question that the user has set while creating the Google account.
  • As the user answers all the security questions accurately, he or she will get the access of the Google account without much of a stretch.
  • Also, there are two different ways to recover the Google account in which the user either can recover the Google account password by choosing the alternative email address or registered mobile number.

Change your Google account password without email ID instantly

Well, as you complete the above instructions or steps, you would not be seeing the hurdle of changing the password before accessing your Google account. As these steps surely help you to change the password of the Google account, but somehow, it is not turned out as it has to be and you face any kind of issue. Then you should not worry about it, it may happen that you are making some mistake or will there be some other technical issues. hence, to get rid of this so-called problem, you should try to contact the support team. As the team comprises of several technical experts who have years of experience in providing customer support within the least possible time. In addition, you can go to the Google support page to check for the solution of your query.

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