How to See a Facebook Profile Without an Account?

So you want to see an account of someone, and since it is a very complex way to look for an account without having your own on Facebook, are you looking for a way of how to see a Facebook profile without an account? To explain the steps mentioned in here, which account can be seen after following? Although a full account is not visible using this way still using this way profile is visible as per the settings set up you can also follow other ways that are mentioned here after following them, you can see account on Facebook.

Way to look for an account on Facebook without having one

If you want to look up a profile on Facebook and you do not have an account on this for that, you have to know that this process is a little complex still, you can see the account for that you have to follow the steps that are given.

Steps to look for another account on Facebook without having account:

  • Go to from your web browser 
  • Now you provide this on the search” first last” you can replace first with the first name and last with the last one
  • After this, you have to now press return if you are using a mac and if you are using windows, then you can press enter, and search results are shown
  • Then click on a search result, and this can open the profile, and you can see whatever is possible without an account on Facebook.
  • If you still cannot find an account, you can create an anonymous on Facebook and then look for that profile.

Ask a friend to See a Facebook Profile Without an Account?

If you want another way of seeing an account, then you can explain this friend, and then that friend can look up that profile for you, you can see the whole profile according to the privacy settings of the user that you are searching for on Facebook.


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