How to troubleshoot Computer not Turning on

How to fix Computer not turning on Issues

Today all of us are dependent on computers, laptop and mobile phones. Our privacy and some of the important data are stored in the various gadgets, however, if it stops working not only our lives are at halt but also our productivity and time is also lost. 

If your computer not turning on or not working then you will find some of the tricks to troubleshoot your issue.

  1. Battery issue - Sometimes due to some issue in the battery the laptop or computer doesn't turn on until it's plugged into the charging cable. Or it can also  possibly be discharged or the charger can be faulty as well. 

  2. Power supply - sometimes it is possible that the plug socket is not working due to which proper power is not able to reach the monitor, hence, try plugging the cable into a different socket. 

  3. Slow booting - If your computer is really slow and old then it might take too long in turning on. So be patient and wait. 

  4. Ensure your display is functional - when you turn your monitor on and hear the fans start up and lights are on but still nothing appears on the screen then you can - 

  • If you have a desktop monitor - check if the video card is properly connected in the motherboard or not. Try connecting it in another monitor and testing if that works or not. In case the other monitor doesn't work then you need to buy a new one as old one is faulty

  • If you have a laptop - It is possible that your laptop is in sleep mode which is making it difficult to start. Try restarting it by first shutting it down.       

  1. Remove extra hardware's - If you have extra hardware's like hard disk, C.D. and pen drive connected to your device then remove it as it is slowing down your monitors booting power and that is the reason your how to troubleshoot computer not turning on.

  2. Clean your device - a lot of junk which is stored in the computer slows down the speed. uninstall new software which might be corrupted.  

  3. Internal wiring - check if any wire is loose or disconnected in the CPU. However, you should contact a professional who is a tech savvy person who will resolve your issue instantly. 

For instant support or assistance you should consider calling customer support to avoid harming the device more by opening it by yourself. You can solve your how to troubleshoot computer not turning on issue by following the above mentioned steps.


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