TalkBack: Can Google speak Back & How to Turn on Talkback Facilities

TalkBack: Can Google speak Back & How to Turn on Talkback Facilities

The process to talkback on Google is very simple. First of all open Google Assistant after that press both volume keys. Now its time to enable talkback services.

Google has always impressed its users with amazing and updated services. Google Talkback is one of those services that has gained huge popularity since its launch. There are many users who are not aware of its usage and have a query: “Can Google speak back?” If you are also searching for an answer to the same question, then you must note that, yes, you have the facility to activate Google Talkback on your device to get spoken notifications whenever you wish to use it. The procedure to activate this service is given below.

Do all devices support Google Talkback Facilities? 

Google only provides Talkback options for Android devices. Whether your device will support this facility or not depends upon the Android version and your device manufacturer. Consider the following points to know more:

  • If your device supports multi-finger gestures, then you can open the talkback menu by tapping three fingers, or you can also swipe a single finger down then right.

  • If your device supports single finger gestures, that is, you hold a device that was introduced before the Android R-series, then you need to swipe right, followed by swiping down. 

Once you set up your device, you will be shown a tutorial to set up Talkback; if you wish to see the tutorial once again, then you must go to Talkback settings followed by “Tutorial and help.”

Can Google speak Back?

Yes there are different ways through which users can turn on the Google talkback facility on their devices. You can use any of the methods given below:

  1. Turn On Google Talkback with Google Assistant

  2. Press both volume keys simultaneously

  3. Manually enable Talkback

The process to turn on Google Talkback:

Method 1: Turn On Google Talkback with Google Assistant: 

Users can follow the steps provided below to use this amazing facility on their Android phones. 

  • Start the process by visiting the settings section or setup wizard. 

  • Now you need to Turn on “Google Assistant" on your device.

  • Instruct it to “Turn on Talkback,” and you will start receiving spoken messages.

Method 2: Press both volume keys simultaneously: 

Users can also make use of volume key shortcuts to use the talkback facility. You can also use this alternative to turn off notifications. It is important that you have enabled the volume keys shortcut to make changes during device setup. If not, then you must first give permission by navigation to the settings section of your device, followed by accessibility, and then finally turning on “Talkback.” Now, it is important that you go through the below-mentioned points and proceed ahead:

  • First of all, discover the volume-keys on the side of your device.

  • You are now expected to long-press and hold both keys at least for 3 seconds.

  • Finally, you need to confirm your decision by again pressing both keys. 

Method 3: Manually enable Talkback: 

Another method that can be used by Google device users to enable Google talkback is by using the steps described-below:

  • Start the process by going to the “settings” on your Android device. 

  • Scroll and select the “Accessibility” option.

  • As you see the talkback option, you must turn on the toggle-button.

  • Finally, tap on the “OK” button.

Conclusion: If any user has concerns regarding turning “on” or “off” of the Google Talkback facility or is not being able to use this service without any problem, then he can communicate with Google disability support. 


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