Is Facebook Lite safe to use? -Facebook Vs Facebook Lite App

Facebook Lite is a smaller version that serves the same purpose as a Facebook application. You can connect with your loved ones, send a message, upload posts, and perform other options. However, if you want to install Facebook Lite on your device, then download it only from the original source on the Play Store or Apple Store because there are a few websites that provide an infected version of the application that might steal your data and secretly install unnecessary applications. Still, if you need any further assistance regarding the services, then you can get through with customer support.

Why should you use FB lite?

If you are having any doubts about whether to use the FB lite application or not, then follow through with the given information to learn about all the benefits of using the application:

  • Charges less data - One of the main benefits of FB lite is that it charges less data. On average, if you use the application for 1 hour continuously, then it will only take 15 MB. Apart from charging less data, the application also consumes less battery

  • Cover up less storage - Users with less storage available on their phone can also download the FB lite application for less than 5 MB, and the space it will cover on your device will be around 50 MB, unlike the full application, which sometimes takes up to 1 GB.

  • Download quickly and work faster - You can quickly download the FB lite application from the Play Store or Apple Store, and when you use it, you will notice that it opens the page faster.

  • Works on 2g network - If you are in someplace where the network connection is very slow or the same as the 2g network, then you will also be able to use the Facebook little application. However, it may take some time to open the page, but you will be able to use the application, unlike the Facebook app, which fails to work on a slow internet connection. 

  • Same as Facebook Application - Most of the functions and options on FB lite are the same as the FB application. You can send a message, upload a picture, like other people's posts, and use many other services. There is only a slight difference in the "Settings" as a few options are narrowed down on the Facebook lite application.

Which is better Facebook Lite or Facebook?

The main difference between FB lite and Facebook is the required internet connection and storage. If you have an unstable internet connection or less storage mobile phone, then it will be recommended that you use the FB lite application because it works on 2G networks and takes up less storage. However, it is the opposite with Facebook.

Is Messenger the same as FB lite?

Messenger is a different application provided by Facebook through which you can only send and receive messages to your friends. But with the FB lite application, you can not only send messages but also upload a picture and view other users' posts

After reading the above information, you would have known if you should use the Facebook lite application or not. If you face any problem and need assistance, then communicate with customer support, and they will guide you.


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