Is Hotmail a part of Microsoft?

Acquire detail for Hotmail if it is part of Microsoft

Hotmail is a free webmail account used by numerous users for exchanging emails offered by Microsoft accounts. When there are changes with this email account, it automatically carries through all Microsoft services such as Xbox, Skype, or OneDrive that you find from Microsoft accounts. Hotmail account generally includes an accessible webmail interface featuring mail, calendaring, contacts, and tasks services. It can also be accessed via email clients using the IMAP or POP protocols that you can use when configuring your Hotmail account on your device.

Hotmail vs Microsoft

Is Hotmail and Microsoft closely related?

Yes, Hotmail is owned by Microsoft, and both these brands share common names, which was rebranded as MSN Hotmail and combined with Windows Live, and later on, it was merged with Outlook, known as Hotmail account. Get significant details about the Microsoft Hotmail account that you use to serve your purpose securely.

  1. Being a user of Hotmail account, you can find it easy to manage your emails and obtain significant features and services.
  2. Get your Hotmail account with advanced features and collaborative solutions when you access your Microsoft account using the appropriate user ID and password.
  3. When you encounter some trouble and cannot access your Hotmail account due to some technical faults, you will find an easy troubleshooting method on its support page.
  4. A Hotmail account makes you capable of managing your inbox right from your internet browser and getting ample space to save your files.
  5. Your Hotmail provides you with a highly secured medium service for email as it doesn’t allow you to scan its email to send ads you find on other email accounts.
  6. Get the strong security from its customer service team that actively assists you smoothly.

Get specific detail for Hotmail and Microsoft:

Microsoft generally purchases the web hosting service of different accounts and services users use worldwide. Microsoft acquired Yahoo’s web portal business, which integrated it into the live search. It is used as part of this acquisition, including MySpace, GeoCities, and AOL, which are transferred to Microsoft accounts. Hotmail manages email services and other essential features you can access after signing-in for your account. You can configure your Hotmail account on your Android and iOS device and manage your emails.

Get support for Hotmail account:

Microsoft Corporation has continuously operated your Outlook account, which offers a convenient facility to make your email account secure perfectly. But if you face any trouble and you don’t know what to do, you are always free to connect with a real person who remains always happy to assist you promptly.


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