Oklahoma City Police Department set up more than 750 cameras in local neighborhood!-What are the reasons behind it

Thy who sown the seed should also reap the fruit. Never doubt your local police if you spot a crime anywhere in today’s time. Last Friday, while addressing a press conference held at a downtown police station in Oklahoma, "As the call comes in, the Real Time Information Center can pull up any cameras in the area and get more information ," said Maj. Jason Samuel. So now, when you see a government sign saying, ‘You’re under Camera surveillance,’ don’t get thrown away by your usual ignorant instincts.

Know the technology!

The Oklahoma Police Department is now keeping a strict eye on every crime suspect with this future-oriented approach. This intensive technology comprises 750 integrated cameras in various corners of the city, sending second-to-second images as well as high-quality video recordings to the Oklahoma police headquarters. There, they’ve assigned a designated team of analysts to report any transgression incident in their vicinity to the police officers on duty. The real-time information centre is keeping an eye on every inch of the city in the meantime you’re reading this. Fascinating, isn’t it?

The Police Chief exclaimed the innovative era with the statement, “It's just the way of the future. The people that we deal with that are committing crimes and are using technology and a lot more, so we're going to use that too."

Read the reported real-time incidents

This futuristic technology has given helpful and static outcomes on multiple occasions. One of them was said to have been reported in September, where this advanced setup helped the police department locate an Amber Alert suspect. As per the evidence recorded on their high-security camera, the suspect was spotted stealing a car along with the kid sitting inside. Analysts are addressing everyday hit-and-run cases and many more with this systematic technology, providing a route map to the officer in charge. 

From the words of Chief Gourley

The Police Chief revealed their new innovative arrangement while releasing the annual crime report for 2023. He gave an aligned and systematic explanation of how they’re using the technology against hooliganism. Now, your local police have access to commendable data set and maybe your current location as well. Chief Gourley also intimidated the public’s keen attention by revealing their intention to look for a technology to address 911 calls with software that will automatically call a person back if they accidentally hung up or got disconnected.

Surmising the news, It is indeed an advancement that came into action to lure as many crime suspects as they can. No matter whether it's a rampage in your local Oklahoma bar or a thief trying to break into your neighbor’s courtyard, it is all being held in visions at your Police Headquarters. Your security is their utmost concern, and they will serve your safety with all they can at Oklahoma.  



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