How do I run ads on Facebook?

Facebook is a widely used platform that supports many users to run their video shorts and spread awareness among different people so that you can have your channel to promote your company, group, videos, etc. Along with all these, you can also run your Facebook ads where you can reach out to the public and potential audience who are really in search of the products that you are selling through your ads. You can run ads for free of cost. To do so, you must turn your channel to Facebook Ads Manager. These features will give complete command in your hand to set the target audience so that your campaign will maximize the impact of your social media ads.

You can follow the below-discussed steps that will provide complete guidance to run a campaign on Facebook.

You need to have a Facebook business page to use the Facebook Ads Manager because you cannot run the ads with a personal account.

  • Move to the "go to ads Manager."

  • You must confirm the information you have filled in on the setup page.

  • Now give the payment information and save your changes.

This will set up your page, then now use your ads manager page to control your campaign and keep an eye on your ads.

After doing all this, you need to start a new campaign that includes your dashboard to track the movements. To make a campaign or ad, select the Create button and choose your objective.

Choosing the objective will give you a task on which you will run the ad, and there is already a list that will be given to you on the page; you can choose from the list given below. The list can be changed based on your objective.

  • Brand awareness 
  • Engagement 
  • App installs
  • Reach 
  • Website Traffic 
  • Video views 
  • Catalog sales 
  • Sore traffic 
  • Lead generation
  • Messages 
  • Conversions 

What are the benefits of running a Facebook ad campaign?

You can reach a broad audience and track your performance through a Facebook ad campaign. You will get a feature of an easy-track version and engage in effective marketing at a low cost. No need to present physically, and no real shop is needed. You can sell your product to customers from your preferred location and get the money directly to your bank account. Moreover, you can save ample money and profit through Facebook ads if you design your business with complete knowledge and experience.

What are the key features that will make your Facebook ad reach out to the maximum audience?

Performance: You can change the metric to track the frequency, result, reach, and impressions. 

Engagement: You can look for the pages and posts that are liked, with the help of which you can track the engagement ratio. 

Videos: You can check the video views, which are viewed on average.

Website: You can keep track of the website's actions, such as checkouts, payments, details, purchases, and cart ads.

Apps: You can ensure the status of your ad on the app and how many of the users are using the app. 

Settings: You can set the schedule, like the start and end date of the campaign. 


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