Why is Norton blocking applications?- What are the Excat Reasons

Norton is one of the suitable software for every system because it protects from external viruses, trojans, and other disturbing elements that might slow down the system. So in order to tackle that, this antivirus software forms a wall that blocks every kind of spam mail, unwanted elements such as applications that might enter your system and retrieve all the data.

But due to its active protection feature, it blocks certain applications that are still in use. Because of that, it becomes difficult for the users to operate through the system, but the question is, Why is Norton blocking applications? Application gets blocked because its blocking alert feature appears whenever a new application not configured by the application block settings tries to get the internet help.

According to the company, you can allow or block the internet access of the application in the application blocking alert window. If you wish to remove the block, you can follow the procedure below, written in bullet points for better understanding.

Here is the procedure to remove the application blocking toggle.

  • You can visit the official page of Norton, and after that, open the Norton device security product.

  • You will see the My Norton window option next to device security, then click on open. 

  • After that, you can click on the advance or settings in the Norton product main window. 

  • Go to the left panel of the screen and click on the firewall, then move to the right panel, which is located next to Application blocking, and click on the setting icon.

  • Now move ahead in the application blocking window from the application’s list. After that, choose the application from which you want to remove the Norton product alert blockage.

  • You need to select it and click on the remove button.

  • The screen will show you the confirmation panel; select the remove button.

  • At last, select done and exit all the programs.

After removing it, you need to set up a new application-blocking rule so that any harmful app will not enter your system. After setting up the Norton will block specific applications and save your system.

  • Go to the Norton official site.

  • At my Norton window located next to devise security, tap on open.

  • In the Norton product panel, click Advanced or Settings.

  • At the left side of the screen, select the firewall, then again go to the right side of the screen at the application blocking, and click on the settings icon.

  • At the application blocking panel, select the add application option.

  • Then in the choose application window, select the specific application that is required. Click on the other option to search or locate the application.

  • Find it and at last click on the choose button.

Finally, the application will appear in the applications blocking the window with settings “allow.” You can block it or allow it with a toggle button 




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