• What happens when Facebook does not send code?
    Friday, 9 September

    What happens when Facebook does not send code?

    Are you worrying that you didn't receive any code while opening Facebook? Then don't worry, here will solve your problem by mentioning all the detailed information about Facebook. Moreover, when Facebook doesn't send code, it means that your registered email address or contact number is wrong or not registered with Facebook. Below are the following points that you have to read the here till the end and follow the steps.

    What do you have to do when you don't receive the code:-

    There are some points that you have to follow when you didn't receive any confirmation code; below are the following:-

    • You have to make sure that the registered email address and the contact number are correct or not. This is the possible reason for not receiving the code. 

    • If you didn't receive the code in your email address, try to enter the phone number. If the phone number is unavailable, enter the alternative email address or contact number to get the verification code. 

    • If your email address and phone number are correct and you still didn't receive the code, then you have another option, click on the 'Did you not get the SMS?' option.

    Reasons why you didn't receive the code on your registered number or address

    There are some main reasons that you are not getting a verification code on your correct phone number and email address, below are the following points;-

    • When your settings are not enabled, the setting in your Facebook is always on. 

    • The internet connection of your device is not strong. That's why Facebook is not able to send the verification code. 

    • You didn't receive a verification code on your mobile because the service of your mobile device is down. 

    • This issue also appears when you click on the same sending tab so many times, as you requested for the code many times. 

    • The server of Facebook is down, and this is also the reason you are not able to receive the code. 

    • When you change your mobile service provider when you switch, the two-factor authentication is on. When you are not able to get Facebook, then you are not able to receive the verification code. 

    May all the detailed information mentioned regarding what happens when Facebook doesn't send code to be helpful for you. If there are any issues appear while doing that, then you can connect with customer services and get rid of all the problems. You can get all the contact numbers on their official website, search for official mail id and contact number, then connect with them. 


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