What is the difference between water villa and beach villa in Maldives?

Planning a vacation with your family or friends to the Maldives? Well, without a doubt, Maldives is the most fascinating destination and one of the most romantic places to be with your loved ones. With blue oceans surrounding it and white sand all over, Maldives has become a very popular tourist attraction from around the world. If you are a sea lover and love adventure sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, and watching aquatic marine life, this is the perfect destination for you to visit.

Maldives has some stunning islands; on some islands, there are exquisite resorts and villas for tourists to stay in. If you have already planned your trip and booked flight tickets and are confused about where to stay and might have many questions on your mind, like, where to book a stay, a water villa or a beach villa? Would staying at a water villa be more fun or at a beach villa? Do not worry; here is everything you need to know.

Water villas in Maldives

Maldives has many fantastic places and options for tourists’ stay. For someone who does not know what a water villa is, it is the most beautiful experience you will ever encounter. Water villas usually come with all things luxury, outdoor beds, glass floor rooms, a private infinity pool, a slide directly to the ocean from your villa, sun decks, etc., all depending on your budget and the island you choose to live on. If you want to wake up every day surrounded by the clear, watch marine life, and dip in the ocean, this is a perfect option for you.

Cons of staying in a water villa

  • At night, some villas need to be better lit. 

  • If staying with kids, water villas are not recommended. 

  • Some might feel nauseous because of water all around. 

  • Cafes, bars, and other places are not as accessible, unlike beach villas. 

Beach villa in Maldives

Staying at a water villa and a beach villa has its own zest. Beach villas are usually a few steps away from the beach and with all things luxuries like a private pool, wooden floorings, outdoor rainfall showers, nearby bars, cafes, and other resorts, again, all depending on your budget. These are the ideal stay for families if they want to stay in a cozy environment. Taking a late-night stroll across the beach and giving whole ‘tropical island paradise’ vibes, all comes with a beach villa.

Cons of staying in a beach villa

Due to the direct exposure to the beach, there might be mosquitos and other insects.

  • Unlike water villas, beach villas are not made on a secluded island and are surrounded by other villas. You may sometimes hear other people around. 

  • If you are a sea lover, you may not encounter aquatic marine life and take a dip in the ocean whenever you want. 

You can also experience staying at beach villas and water villas both by dividing your stay time or by extending it. Depending on the package you choose, the villas may vary and come across pretty amazing deals


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