What is the difference between Yahoo and Yahoo Plus?

You have used yahoo as a mailing site where you can send your emails save your important dates, days, and events so that you will not miss your schedule in any way possible. The best part is you can also run your campaign for your ad or small business on this platform. You can send files and attachments and many other features that come with the upgraded version, which is called Yahoo Plus. Keep following here and get the knowledge about some specific differences between Yahoo and Yahoo Plus . Both are the same and come under the same umbrella but few options make a difference between these two sites. The differences are mentioned in a layman language so that you can understand better and apply it without any hassle.

All you need to know about the Yahoo mail and Yahoo Mail Plus

Yahoo is a free email service provider that offers general features such as you can customize your email tab and address. Yahoo Mail Plus provides premium features for your email, which is available for both desktop and mobile.

In Yahoo mail you can customize your mail along with that use the spam filtering features ,calendar integration and mobile access. Yahoo mail provides you a platform where you can avoid distraction and you can take complete control of your inbox along with the ad free email experience along with premium customization options and improvement in the security features.

But in yahoo some features are limited, you can get more features and facilities once you switch to yahoo plus that will make your email process professional and quick. In Yahoo mail plus you can upgrade your Yahoo to yahoo mail plus on IOS, android, mobile web and desktop.

Key features

Ads free : You will not get continuous pop up ads on your yahoo mail screen, so that you can prevent yourself from distraction and make your work smooth as well as without any hassle. Your mail loading will be quick as there will be no ads to consume your data.

Auto forwarding : It will give you the option to forward the emails automatically to different email addresses quickly. You can set the timing, and based on that, I will send the email to the right person.

Other benefits you will get with the Yahoo Plus mentioned below.

  • You can block domains from where you don't want the emails, such as retails, and from any other person you are not interested in getting the email from. 

  • You can provide your Disposable email address to others if you do not want to give the actual email address to protect your privacy. You can delete it once you are done with it. 

  • Once you have the yahoo plus, then you do not have to think about email expiration as it won't be deleted in case the email has not been used for a longer period of time. 

You will get the single click facility that helps you to view all the emails that you have sent to yourself and in future you can arrange your emails, photos and files. 



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