What is the easiest way to change your name on your passport?

Do you need to change, update, or correct your name on the passport? Make sure your name on the ticket must match the passport name. Otherwise, the airline may deny the passengers to issue a boarding or can deny you to board the flight. Different forms will be needed depending on your case to apply for the name change. This article covers all the details of the name change on the passport.

Case 1: When you apply for the change within a year of the passport being issued, you need to submit the following documents through mail: 

  • Fill out the online form DS-5504 available on the US passport official page. 

  • A copy of your recent passport. 

  • A copy of the documents supporting your name change, such as a marriage certificate.

  • Attach a passport-size photo.

When you expedite the service, you will have to pay a service fee of $60.

Case 2: When you are applying to change the name on your passport after one year of your passport being issued. Here are the documents that need to be submitted by you: 

  • Complete the form DS-82.

  • Submit a copy of your most recent passport.

  • A government document with your original name. 

  • One color passport-size photo. 

Attach these documents with the form and send them through the USPS courier company, as other companies will not be able to deliver them to the address mentioned in the DS-82 form.

Case 3: If the passenger is not able to understand the technicalities of the online procedure and wants to apply in person. Here is what they are supposed to do: 

  • Visit the nearest passport office in your area and ask for Form DS-11. 

  • Complete the form and bring a copy of the document for proof that you are a US citizen. 

  • Attach the name legal name change document, such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree. 

  • A valid government ID with the correct name must attached to the form.

  • Paste a colored passport-size photo on the form. 

  • Pay the fee, which can be different depending on your age. 

Note: If your name has been changed due to marriage, the US passport authority does not ask you to mention the proof of name change in such a case. Just bring a Government ID with a new name and share the details of your marriage on the second page of the form.

Case 4: If your name on the passport has been printed wrong due to some typing error or autocorrect. Here is the information that you need to submit to the passport office: 

  • Get Form DS-5504 from the official site of the US passport authority. 

  • A copy of your current passport. 

  • Share a color photo of yourself. 

  • Attach your birth certificate showing the correct spelling of your name.

  • No fee is required to pay. 

Final Words

There are some cases when you may need to change the name on your passport, like marriage, divorce, or after a legal name change. You can change name on Passport, and you can read this article for reference.   



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